E commerce website promotion on a few strokes

contact e-commerce site for a period of time always want to write something, write an empty space to write some of their own experience. Always do the dumpster, website content acquisition content is king in this sentence to us with no point, but the chain of the second half of the sentence for the emperor, this sentence is the true saying to us. This is true for any type of web site. Talk about the promotion of our business and e-commerce website. We first analyze the characteristics of e-commerce sites.

1, e-commerce sites do not like the content of the station has a lot of content can be written, the general e-commerce sites do not have much content. In this part of the content we can find some related sites to collect some resources, such as industry news, product introduction, product purchase or use, etc. These things are very willing to visit the visitors.

2, e-commerce sites are oriented to specific groups. The beginning of the site is very few views so we need to find ways to promote their own. Here is the best blogs and Forum blog theme make sure good news, auxiliary write lace to attract users to improve their own blog popularity, had read an article about the higher level of the collected blog the higher the can for your reference. The blog just like a woman to take care of you must be patient, when their own website to maintain, no effect also don’t worry much for one month, every week to check the blog to decide how to do the work. As for the blog do not Baidu, Sina, Sohu, 163 of these must be the focus of training. Here, said the Baidu blog must do a good job with the flow is considerable. Talk about the promotion of the forum, the forum I personally feel the title must be attractive, take some temptation, can lead to curiosity, contrary to some common sense or hot headlines. Specific to each forum to see the hottest posts, I believe you can learn a lot. The content of the post and the title of the best, can also use the above method to see the posts of people cheated on their web site.

3, the website such as doing a website article a number, quantity and quality of the chain have a can do Links and others, Links do not only have the best correlation, the chain also can bring visitors. When I look at the website, I like to see other people’s friendship. Usually people see your site more formal words will do with you, exchange advertising can be, this is likely to be your future collaborators.

4, requires patience, the website needs physical strength, perseverance and don’t give up. Like Ma said a lot of people fell on the night of the day to see the morning sun.

anyway, good website needs publicity. Good wine is also afraid of deep alley. Write so much of my station China science equipment network (www.kxqc.com) welcome to communicate with me. QQ:342305975.

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