Website promotion teach you 15 strokes

is very superficial, but I think it’s very practical

a podcast promotion

1.1, I heard that Sina blog good

1.2, Baidu looks like the weight can also be

1.3, Yahoo blog, the blog is also on the Sohu’s blog is interested in building a blog on the horizon, this is my blog (http://s.bowuwang.blog.tianya.cn)


two, ask it to promote

2.1, Baidu asked

2.2, Sina asked

three, integrated community promotion

3.1, Tianya

3.2, NetEase

3.3, mop.com

3.4, Admin5 seems to be

four, the relevant types of website promotion

4.1, for example, you are doing IT to the large information website community issued some ideas, what can bring a website the best

attached: weekly promotion schedule

Monday: exchange links, add articles.

Tuesday: if you do not update the update on Monday to continue the article, do not ask me what to ask, halo food content is the fundamental.

Wednesday: Baidu to have a small action, but will panic, just a small move, continue to promote.

Thursday: it’s important for the site to come today, but it’s an important day for Baidu to decide your week, but be careful.

Friday: Baidu just updated yesterday, but today will make some adjustments, will not affect the ranking.

Saturday: site changes, and plans for next week.

Sunday: rest? Think of beauty! When did the webmaster rest?.

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