Safe and stable operation is the basis for the protection of website construction

, the largest Chinese web hosting and domain name registration services for its safety nets, virtual host products upgrade. The network takes the mobile phone and email verification verification steps in the system increased after login, and forcing the virtual host the user secret modification. In the document, said that network in order to increase the security of the host product, every three months will force the user to update a product login password, to continuously improve the safety of products. Prior to this, the security problems have been the construction site and the IDC industry’s nightmare, a web host black chain and is linked to the horse repeated, on the other hand, the DNS domain name server many large IDC service providers also repeatedly attack, always bring tens of thousands of domain name cannot be used normally.

but as the basis for the transformation of the site marketing security, the security operation of the site can not be ignored. For those on a large scale to carry out network marketing business, every minute will continue to visit the web site, even if it is interrupted for one or two minutes, the loss caused by it is huge. For example you can easily perceive the importance of the safe operation of the site, if the Jingdong or store taobao.com ten minutes break to visit what is the concept? If at the site of the peak of the visit, such as a few days before the actual day, even if it is interrupted for several minutes, will bring tens of millions of losses. Small and medium sized companies, of course, the site is not so large, but if the site often run failure, it will bring some loss.

site can not be safe and stable operation of the user experience and website construction marketing transformation is an obstacle for the search engine is also an obstacle to understanding. When the spider crawling over each time, web pages are not open or open speed is very slow, in the course of time and quality of website weight in the search engines will have different degrees of decline, and it will also affect the site traffic and marketing transformation. Thus, the security and stability of the site is very important. So, how to improve site security? Like that China removed continuously enhance safety nets, web hosting by technology, Shanghai website construction preferred brand pilot technology think, from the ideological emphasis is to ensure the safe operation of the site is one of the indispensable conditions.

is now a lot of website construction is the use of open source CMS, because the open source program does not have to spend money to buy, but also good performance. In the open source CMS web content management system many, many dreams, moving easily, etc. created outstanding representative, so open source system itself is not what fault. The problem is that the idea of open source code is open, if the application does not modify the direct application of security issues will undoubtedly exposed to the public. And some seemingly open source web site program, in fact, has been modified to install two backdoor. Such code application in the construction of the site, its security performance can be imagined. The reason why such a statement, the purpose is to express the site is also a very important factor in the process of website security. In practice, we also found that most of the

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