Jaseo combined with Hangzhou red house hospital website marketing experience

I belong to a strange combination of circumstances to enter the medical profession of network marketing. Up to now the hands of Hangzhou red house maternity hospital has done more than a year’s time, the time is not very long, but in the work of the author’s own working experience in the network before the medical industry especially the hospital website marketing has some experience and share with you.

now, really related to professional hospital website network marketing concentrated in some private hospitals, these hospitals compared some public hospitals, not lack of technology and capital, but the reputation and credibility. Through the network marketing model, private hospitals have gradually made public trust. So do a hospital network marketing conditions must be those?

first, you have to have a professional hospital website. Website is a window of the hospital based on the network and facade, visible website in the importance of network marketing. A professional website must be based on professional planning optimization based on the graphic technology, the website to enrich the atmospheric concise practical, I have seen many hospital websites, comprehensive hospitals are blue, gynecological plastic like are pink, let the viewer visual tired. To look at the problem of the viewer (the patient). The patient visits a website, need is only three: the feeling that the 1 website gives me is formal, very professional. 2 site navigation is very clear, it is easy to find the information you want to know. 3 find the information you want very substantial, very helpful. According to the three requirements, the first site in the planning layout and layout should be based on professional experience and, secondly, in the head and left division of navigation, head to the Department, the side is a specific disease, depending on the situation. The theme part of the column according to the importance of the Department of the hospital to show. Don’t put too much of the business consultation window, some sites among a large, floating around two small sidebar, Francis fixed page, was almost business occupied. There is a problem, the pop-up pop-up business page is too big, the frequency is too high to get rid of it, I was sick, I just want to look at the data is going on, don’t bother me well. Finally, the bottom of the site, you can put a simple navigation, and then write to the hospital’s bus lines. I wrote about this website more, in fact, is only about a little bit, because it is really important, it is a series of marketing behind you the premise and foundation.

well, now we know that our hospital technology is cattle, hardware facilities is cattle, our website is also cattle, we can stand up to the promotion. Promotion means what? It seems to be a blog forum favorites a commonplace talk of an old scholar, tag signature SNS etc. soft mail, because we all know that these means, also know how to do, in fact, these methods seem simple, but each one is pulling out a knowledge, here I each is just a word add blog: can the name of the hospital diseases department experts to classification registration, registered blog one by one according to the weight.

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