National Hospital Authority responsible for network diagnosis and treatment of illegal practice

intern reporter Liu Bai reports from Beijing /

people in the Internet era, even doctors are online solution. A survey shows that 80% of Internet users have experienced online inquiry. But some experts on the Economic Information Daily reporters, said the online doctor is not reliable. Compared to the hospital diagnosis, online doctor have its convenience, but full of risks. Some doctors even said that through the network self diagnosis of misdiagnosis rate reached 99%. The national health and Family Planning Commission medical administrative authority responsible person said in a clear diagnosis network belong to the illegal practice, we should strengthen supervision and control.

online doctor popular

, the recent neck pain, online check that is cervical spondylosis." Wang said at a party, followed by several friends have said that after the online search found himself suffering from a disease.

is now becoming an online fashion. Reporters found that the majority of people, including friends, including the presence of discomfort in the body, not to the hospital, but in the online search for information or online online doctor to determine the condition. "Sick question network" has become the choice of many people. A survey of a health portal organization: 83.2% of the netizens have network interrogation experience, of which 34.2% of the netizens to some health Web site consulting "headache and slight fever and other minor ailments", 33.1% of Internet users are keen to get health knowledge from the internet.

online doctor, as the name suggests is that the patient through the network platform to achieve real-time online communication with the doctor or message exchange, to achieve the initial judgment of the patient’s own condition. Daily economic news reporter learned that, in general, there are three ways to see a doctor on the Internet: first, medical platform consulting. By the hospital or medical enterprises to establish an independent medical platform, such as the hospital website and good doctor and other medical platform for patients to answer questions. Two is mutual help. Through the network mutual answer platform, such as Baidu know, etc., between users to discuss and cooperate with each other. Three is micro-blog interrogation. Communicate directly with the doctor through micro-blog platform.

when asked why the choice of online doctor, who lives in Beijing, Tongzhou young white-collar Ms. Zhang told reporters, go to the hospital, the doctor also queuing registration, very troublesome, online doctor don’t queue up, only need to enter their symptoms, there are doctors or online answer, saving time and money.

reporter survey found that there are three kinds of online doctor: first, convenient, save money. If some condition is relatively light or living in remote areas of the medical inconvenience people, online consultation convenient, can also save a lot of procedures and costs in Hospital; two are suffering from venereal disease or other skin diseases such as secret sorrow, don’t want others to know their condition, so the choice of online doctor; the three is to seek for the Difficult miscellaneous diseases, especially some patients are at an advanced stage, the conventional treatment is invalid, is styled, to seek a variety of treatment methods on the internet.

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