2015 Hunan China Mobile electricity supplier conference held in August 29th

2015 China Mobile business conference aimed to accelerate the "Internet plus" action plan implementation, active integration The Belt and Road "strategic pattern, and further promote the application of information technology in various fields, and promote the development of the industry, the spread of the Internet thinking, the promotion of O2O business model, research on the Internet in leading an important driving role in the industrial revolution, strengthen exchanges and cooperation, innovation and application of radiation effect to accelerate the Internet service in the leading role of" Internet plus entrepreneurial enterprises ".

according to the organizers, the 2015 Hunan China Mobile electricity supplier conference will focus on "open polymerization innovation" as the theme for the "WeChat lead the industry new changes", "mobile model analysis", "China e-commerce 020 new era" and other aspects of in-depth discussion, from the media, social networking platform, local, mobile, O2O P2P financial, business incubators and other popular topics to share on site will invite Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other experts, well-known business, media to attend the meeting, bring more support for China Internet entrepreneurs, business docking, financing solutions entrepreneurs with large enterprises.


2015 China Mobile Hunan business conference Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, invited many well-known Internet Co to bring more entrepreneurial guidance and support for the project of Shanghai entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs with solutions of large business enterprises docking, financing etc..

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