Common site promotion methods mcq0544 practice version

I in 06 years in September, wrote this website common promotion method (mcq0544 version). At that time began to contact the network promotion for about 1 years. Now 3 years later, he also tried to promote more ways. At that time, he had written but did not do the promotion method, and later to practice. Now want to improve this article, so in the previous article on the basis of the modified to add. Part of the blue font, mainly I now experience.


A: small and medium-sized website common promotion method

1: go to the forum to promote

this is the first since the promotion of a network of contacts to promote means, then he will not be anything, it will only do forum promotion. The 05 year super girl, with super video material, to the promotion of forum, made a very good flow effect. Forum regulation is now more and more strict, and then want to reach the original so good flow effect is very difficult.

‘s own best record: to the company’s Web site to do the Forum promotion, the highest IP reached 2W5

to their site with the forum to promote, the highest IP reached 1W5

detailed forum to promote the way we see I wrote a forum to promote the refinement of the method (on) (in) two articles

: http://s.hi.baidu.com/mcq0544/blog/item/20955fdfebabe61349540333.html



2: search engine optimization

said it was ashamed to search engine optimization, so 3 years of network promotion, I recently began to really touch this thing. China has 85% of the personal website, traffic is mainly to search engine. Search engine traffic quality is the highest. Therefore, search engine optimization is the most basic and the most important means of promotion.

‘s own best record: his little forum, the highest ever from the search engine to about 5000 IP.

with third party web site to do keyword optimization, the maximum of 1 days to bring their own site with more than 1W IP.

recently in the company to learn to do SEO, but also made a good record, the specific record is not clear that, certainly not understand anything than before, the effect is much better.

detailed SE>