Pig eight quit network is how to kill the most dark areas from the nternet

(original title: from 5 million to 2 billion 600 million pig eight quit network is how to do)

June 15th, pig eight quit network announced the completion of the C round of financing, from 5 million angels to the company financing of $2 billion 600 million valuation of 10 billion. This company is breaking doubts, you know, but a year ago, the valuation of in the last round of financing, less than 1/10 today.

before see pig network founder Zhu Mingyue, my biggest question is: the dark area of business on the Internet, is how to do the valuation of more than billion? Why is the darkness? Because it is the darkness to encounter the Internet standard, more dark is low. Pig network as a service industry Crowdsourcing platform, not only is not standard, and very low frequency, black is non professional buyers do complex purchase, is almost always a startling step by step.

Zhu Mingyue also said that he made a total of seven times the internal reform of the injured in the sinews or bones, several executives of reform go, but the inside is called "two brothers" in Chongqing, on what to do


Zhu Mingyue, a former chief reporter, chose to start a business in the face of the decline of traditional media. The result is a foot in all entrepreneurs to avoid death in the field of Witkey mode struggled for ten years to run out. Zhu Mingyue is Chongqing’s "brother Robe" temperament, for example, at the beginning, his verbal commitment to a programmer of the shares, the establishment of the company and financing nor a promise, this part of the shares value. C round of financing, a gangster in the day before the conference to lower prices as divestment chips, Lao Zhu could temper the outbreak of bovine teeth do not relent.

Zhu Mingyue said, I spent 10 years out of death on the Red Sea, four words – boil rivals.

this word looks very hard boiled, and more is a step by step tears, is the traditional industry in the face of "Internet plus" the most fierce collision.

following is the pig network founder Zhu Mingyue case oral (without my review):

venture first step: from the chief reporter into product manager

the first step in my business is to turn myself into a product manager. had seven operations are on display, transformation products. These seven actions are all Tengyun led by me, although the results are not ideal, every time is frustrated. But in the past few years, I as a chief reporter Shouyang, not written an article. I said to myself, do not write, I am now a product manager, not a reporter, not even entrepreneurs. Each product, from the block diagram to the design, interaction, almost all I do with the designer. It took me 10 years to complete the transformation of my character, from the chief reporter to a product manager.

at the same time in the seven display operation, I tried to find out the pig online buyers pain points from the dead areas of the Red Sea:

is the first

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