Councils collaborate to share e-learning skills

first_imgA new e-learning network thatwill help UK local authorities to cut training costs dramatically is beingintroduced this year.The joint venturebetween the local government Improvement and Development Agency and e-learning companyEpic Group will provide councils with instant access to e-learning packagesproduced by other authorities.Susan Biddle, theIDeA’s head of workforce development, is optimistic that the initiative willhelp cut the £500m a year spent on staff development by the UK’s 400-pluscouncils. She said, “It can cost tens of thousands to produce one hour ofe-learning material so it makes sense to let everyone know what’s already outthere and make it available across the country. It will avoid dozens of authorities’HR departments beavering away in isolation to re-invent the wheel. This projectwill help share knowledge, spreading good practice, staff training anddevelopment materials.”Authoring softwarewill enable each council to create its own e-learning content to place on thesystem and the network will allow users to access and download its own andother councils’ e-learning programmes. It is being funded by £400,000 each fromIDeA and Epic.Rita Sammons, chiefpersonnel and training officer for Hampshire County Council, thinks the projectwill allow councils to work together to provide better and cheaper staffdevelopment.She said, “We aretotally committed to e-learning and the sharing of expertise through exploitingthe Internet.” She added that the project would help “move localgovernment forward in sharing knowledge and learning throughout the country.”www.idea.gov.ukBy Ben Willmott Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Councils collaborate to share e-learning skillsOn 18 Apr 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Articlelast_img

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