first_imgWe hope that today’s “IS IT TRUE” will provoke honest and open dialogue concerning issues that we, as responsible citizens of this community, need to address in a rational and responsible way?IS IT TRUE that the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau has found a new leader and the name of this 63-year-old spring chicken is Joe Taylor?…Mr. Taylor is coming to Evansville from the Quad Cities area that includes Northwest Illinois and Southeast Iowa?…that is the same general area that outgoing CEO Bob Warren came to Evansville from 8 years ago to close out his career?…Mr. Taylor was scheduled to close out his own career with a retirement that was to occur on December 31, 2018, as verified by his own board of directors?…Taylor may be running double duty in Evansville as he was also responsible for bringing sporting contests to the Quad Cities during his time there?…the City-County Observer welcomes Joe Taylor to Evansville and wishes him much success?…for the first time in perhaps 50 years there is some momentum in downtown Evansville that may succeed in drawing something of substance that exceeds the Lady Quilters of Indiana and the Big Bass Fishermen who occasionally hook one of the Ohio River piranhas with their jitterbugs?IS IT TRUE we are still complexed why did the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau Board of Commissioners decide to hire a new Executive Director from the outside?  …it was clearly obvious that the Evansville Convention and Visitors Bureau had an extremely qualified individual in their current employment that could have done well in this positionIS IT TRUE some influential people in Evansville must have a desire to become Quad Cities south because the stream of retired or nearly retired talent coming in from that region keeps multiplying?…in addition to former CVB CEO Warren and the new guy Taylor, the recently hired CEO of the Chamber of Commerce of Southwest Indiana was hired  from a similar position in the Quad Cities?…it is highly probable that these people all have known each other for a long time and may even have a working relationship?…while familiarity may be positive, the Quad Cities are not exactly showing up on the lists of great places to live, work, or visit?…it could be a step up for River City though?IS IT TRUE that the Kunkel Group has raised its pen and filed a tort claim against the City of Evansville for the excessive charges for water and sewer service at the McCurdy Hotel building that is now Kunkel owned apartments?…among the allegations made by Kunkel are that the City of Evansville has made false statements that have disrupted their operation of an honest business in downtown Evansville?…the Kunkel suit was after the City of Evansville placed a $1.5 million lien on the McCurdy for water use for the first year after the apartments were offered to the public?…one thing that the City County Observer knows for sure is that a building with only 93 apartments can not afford to pay a water bill of over $100,000 per month?IS IT TRUE that the McCurdy water bill per apartment amounts to roughly $1,300 and that is not something that is consistent with this property having a fighting chance at prospering from their large investment?…by the time all of the expenses of operating this building are considered the Kunkel Group will need to net roughly $2,500 per apartment per month at 100% occupancy all of the time?…that means that a base rent will need to be close to $3,000 for this property to perform well financially?IS IT TRUE that the new GRAVIS POLL finds that former State Representative Mike Braum is leading the recent political poll?  …this poll shows that Mr. Braun is leading the pack against career politicians Luke Messer and Todd Rokita?  …the poll shows Mr. Braun leading this poll with 26%?  …that Todd Rokita has 16% and Luck Messer has 13% of the vote?  …that around 45% of the voters don’t know who they are voting for in this coming U S Senate Republican primary?IS IT TRUE if the Veterans Memorial Coliseum is forced to stop providing Friday night BINGO it could cause this historical landmark to close their doors forever?  …that Friday night BINGO is the main source of income for this historical landmark?IS IT TRUE that we are impressed with Abby Maravich, the Member Engagement Manager for the Southwest Indiana Chamber?  …Abby is very personable and is a very good public relations person?  …the Southwest Indiana Chamber is fortunate to have someone with the qualifications and dedication of Abby Maravich?IS IT TRUE that Vanderburgh County Attorney Joe Harrison, Jr. is really doing a bang-up job serving the citizens of this community?Todays “Readers Poll” question is: If the election for the United States Senate was held today who would you vote for?Please take time and read our articles entitled “Statehouse Files, Channel 44 News, Daily Devotions, Law enforcement, Readers Poll, Birthdays, Hot Jobs, and Local Sports.You are now are able to subscribe to get the CCO daily.If you would like to advertise on the CCO please contact us [email protected] LinkEmailSharelast_img

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