Wang Hai will turn to the new network domain name network

"Fake first person" Wang Hai will dock partners two network operators Xiao Zhi Zhuo transfer domain onto the second intermediate people’s court, demanding the return of their right to use the domain name management.

due to business and Xiao Zhi Zhuo disagreement, in April last year, Wang Hai suddenly to modify the wanghai.com domain name change, pointing to the sea company website. The next day, Xiao Zhi Zhuo served as general manager of the "Wang Hai line" back the right to use the domain name, and domain name into wanghai.com nets.

Wang Hai will turn to the new network domain network requirements, was rejected. Wang Hai will be two network operators to court, asking that the domain name back to Beijing immediately on the recovery of the right to the use of domain name management, and for any new network M-net, a public apology.  

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