Fool for Love Stars Nina Arianda & Sam Rockwell Answer Your Questions!

first_imgFrom SIMON: What do you two bond over (besides the play)?ARIANDA: Our love for the craft. And ’70s rock.ROCKWELL: There you have it!From NAOMI: Sam, what is the most embarrassing thing you ever did for love?ROCKWELL: I took a plane to London to chase a girl when I was very young.From NEIL: Nina, you and Hugh Dancy obviously have great stage and screen chemistry. What other show would you like to perform with him?ARIANDA: I’d do anything with Hugh again. He’s awesome. Hannibal: The Musical! No…ROCKWELL: What about Private Lives? Noël Coward.ARIANDA: Yes! I’d like to do Private Lives with Hugh Dancy.ROCKWELL: Damnit, I was going to do that with you.From D: You are such a great dancer, and so is your A Behanding in Spokane co-star Christopher Walken. What musical would you like to do with him?ROCKWELL: Oh gosh. Maybe there’s a demented version of Guys and Dolls Chris and I could do together.ARIANDA: Can I suggest West Side Story? Is that too much?ROCKWELL: No, it’s not too much. I think you should be in it, too.From NINA’S DAD (!!!): Do you have my red socks??? Love ya.ARIANDA: And I’m not giving them back!From CLIFF: Where does one learn to lasso in New York City?ROCKWELL: I found one in Massachusetts, though.ARIANDA: Pretty sure there’s one in Times Square. So…you’re a liar.From ALY: Any chance you and Chris Messina will hit the stage together? Because that would blow my mind.ROCKWELL: It’s funny, Chris and I just read True West in my dad’s apartment. I don’t know if anybody wants to see that.ARIANDA: Yes, everybody wants to see that.From SAM (ROCKWELL): What other part would you want to play? Like…ROCKWELL: You’d be a great Annie Oakley, by the way.ARIANDA: Thank you so much. I would like to do Kate from Taming of the Shrew.Fool for Love plays Broadway’s Samuel J. Friedman Theatre through December 13. Related Shows Fool For Love From JUDITH: Nina, what is the plural of Pokémon? P.S. You were brilliant in 30 Rock! From MEREDITH: What’s the first thing you do when you get to a hotel room? Keep it clean! View Comments Fool for Love stars Nina Arianda and Sam Rockwell stopped by Broadway.com HQ recently to answer some of your fan-submitted questions. They took a break from lassoing and hiding in bathrooms in the Sam Shepard drama to plop down on the couch and talk Tonys, cowboys and red socks. Check out their answers below!From HILLSHAY: What do you do in your spare time when you’re not being a phenomenal actor?ROCKWELL: Thank you for saying that! I don’t do a lot. I go to movies, I eat chicken wings and I like beer. That’s about it. From JEFFREY: Nina, how did it feel to receive your Tony Award from Christopher Plummer?ARIANDA: Amazing. It was an amazing having your first crush give you your Tony. I don’t really know how that happened, but it was kind of amazing.From RAFAEL: Sam, who is your biggest influence as an actor, and who would you like to work with in the future? ROCKWELL: De Niro had a pretty strong effect on me. I’ve gotten to work with him and Christopher Walken.From HOPE: Loved you in Hannibal, Nina. Who’s the tastiest co-star you’ve ever worked with? Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 13, 2015last_img

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