Jocie Guo Taobao shop owners no longer sold nearly 0


] August 6th news billion state power network, Jocie Guo network Hyun rich woman (formerly known as Guo Meiling) the day before because gambling was arrested, and later for the godfather, show off their wealth, gambling, the Red Cross, the godfather…… Let the public focus again on Jocie Guo. In addition to these focus, billion state power network also noted that Jocie Guo had opened the Taobao store has been stopped.

Jocie Guo won attention since the show on micro-blog, make full use of the hype heat, began selling clothes in Taobao. Jocie Guo’s Taobao (guomeimeibaby.taobao.com) in order to sell women’s clothing, and I personally battle for the goods as a model of the.


billion state power network view Taobao learned that the previously reported Jocie Guo Taobao shop, is now no longer run by Jocie Guo. The new Taobao owners are no longer using Jocie Guo’s reputation to sell things, and even the store’s sales have been almost 0.

another suspected Jocie Guo Taobao store, baby brand direct shop, has also been in a state of stop operations, and customer service is also in the offline state. There are only 5 goods in the shop, but it is Jocie Guo who makes the model.

, however, now Taobao search Jocie Guo’s name can still be found in a lot of shops and goods, are using their popularity on the network to sell goods.

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