Prestigious halal certificate from today in Crikvenica hotels Katarina, Omorika and Esplanade

first_imgThe Crikvenica tourist company Jadran dd continues to raise the quality and improve its tourist offer. By meeting strict criteria, it received a halal quality certificate that adorns their three hotels: Katarina, Omorika and Esplanade, and thus made an important business step into the halal market worth two trillion US dollars.Jadran dd from Crikvenica, a tourist company that owns eight hotels, two campsites and a tourist resort on the Crikvenica Riviera, has met high requirements for implementation and received a halal quality certificate – which guarantees guests Katarina, Omorika and Esplanade accommodation, gastronomy and wellness by strict halal standards. After complying with the sophisticated halal rules on Thursday, September 14 in the congress hall of the Esplanade Hotel, the President of the Management Board of Jadran dd Dino Manestro was solemnly presented with a halal quality certificate awarded by the Center for Halal Quality Certification at the Islamic Community in Croatia.This important business step towards the markets of Arab-Islamic countries whose high-paying clientele requires halal services and gastronomy is a consequence of the development and investment cycle that has been intensively implemented in the company Jadran dd since 2014 with the aim of raising the quality of hotel facilities from 2 * to 3 * that is, at 4 *. ‘Raising quality and enriching tourist facilities with halal services and gastronomy is a strategic business move, as it is a market whose global economic scope – according to the world’s leading agency Thomson Reuters – has exceeded the annual value of 3,6 trillion US dollars. Of that, $ 1,66 trillion goes to food, cosmetics and tourism, and the remaining $ 4 trillion goes to the Islamic financial sector. Halal market is definitely confirmed as the fastest growing market in the world where we see our motive and opportunity to position ourselves in this market with our three newly renovated hotels Katarina 4 *, Omorika 4 * and Esplanade 4 * and fight for our share of the cake. In addition to the new challenging market of Arab – Islamic countries, we are focused, of course, on attracting halal clientele from the European Union and our neighborhood. An additional motive of the Management in achieving this goal is to position the newly renovated Hotel Katarina with a new XNUMX-star categorization on the market as a hotel for health tourism ‘, said Dino Manestar, President of the Management Board of Jadran ddDuring the demanding process of obtaining a halal certificate, three hotels from the Crikvenica company Jadran dd had to meet six strict settings necessary for the certification of halal products and services. For halal (permitted) products, it is necessary to control and prevent the risk of their mixing and contact with those who are considered ‘haram’ or illegal in the Islamic world. When it comes to food products, Crikvenica’s Katarina, Esplanade and Omorika hotels have pledged to provide critical control points for ‘haram’ in order to prevent or eliminate the possibility of ’embarrassment’ of halal products. At the same time, this implies supervision that ensures that food is procured exclusively from certified suppliers. The authorized person then checks whether all the required conditions have been met, and only after this check can the food with a visible halal label be stored in a space that must be physically separated from the ‘haram’ of the food.In order to maintain the prestigious halal certificate, an important link in the chain are the chefs and support staff who must take care to use only halal raw materials when preparing meals and not to mix them with illegal (haram) raw materials. It is crucial to thoroughly wash and disinfect utensils and dishes, tools and machines used to prepare halal dishes. Namely, the same utensils and dishes and tools and machines for preparing halal dishes cannot be used for ‘haram’ dishes at the same time. These procedures should be physically or temporally separated to avoid contamination and ‘embarrassment’ of the food. Also, before serving halal dishes (buffet) they must be additionally marked with the halal quality mark and must not be served in the same dish together with other dishes.Hotels that have a halal quality label must also take into account the services they offer to their target clientele. Namely, when preparing accommodation in a hotel room, the direction southeast (direction of rotation during the prayer ceremony) must be marked with a pointing arrow that reads Qibla. A prayer mat (serjada), a prayer book (Quran) and a rosary (tesbih) must be provided in the room, and the exact schedule of daily prayers (vakti) must be ensured.It is extremely important to empty the mini-bar in the room of alcoholic beverages and change the price list of the mini bar in accordance with the changed content. Then, halal-certified personal hygiene products should be provided in the bathroom. Also, paintings with portraits or faces of persons that Islamic believers consider forbidden are not allowed in the room because according to their interpretation they belong to the imitation of God’s creation.The sixth setting necessary to ensure halal quality in the three Crikvenica hotels concerns wellness services that include a swimming pool, spa, beauty salon and gym. Accordingly, wellness centers should provide a separate section for women and men, and if this is not possible it is necessary to provide a different timetable for the use of services for women and men. It is also necessary to follow strict rules that female staff take care of female guests and male staff take care of male guests. In this case, too, the staff in the wellness centers should take care that all cosmetic and other products they use should be halal certified.last_img

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