The Civil Protection Headquarters of SDŽ provided accommodation facilities for guests who must remain in self-isolation

first_imgAmong the individual cases of staying in the Republic of Croatia, there are all those who came by public transport, and who will therefore also have to remain in self-isolation in the Republic of Croatia. As Martina Nimac Kalcina, President of the Family Tourism Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, points out, the Civil Protection Headquarters of the Split-Dalmatia County in cooperation with certain units of local headquarters organized and provided certain accommodation facilities for such guests for the islands of Brac, Solta, Vis, Hvar and the rest of the county. Yesterday, a session of the Civil Protection Headquarters of the City of Split was held in the presence of representatives of the SDŽ Headquarters. The main topic of the agenda was “treatment in the case of tourists suffering from COVID-19 or with suspicion of COVID-19 disease, who are in hotel or private accommodation”. “Certain facilities have been rented (for now one hotel and holiday homes), and work continues on finding and organizing other accommodation. Although these facilities are rented by the County, the cost of the stay is borne by the guest. If possible with the agreement of the host, the guest will be left for the entire period of self-isolation in the accommodation in which he is, and only if this is not possible goes to organized accommodation. In both situations the guest must pay for their stay. If he goes to organized accommodation, the transfer will be done by the Red Cross. In these situations, if the guest has a pet and stays in organized accommodation, the pet will have to be placed in an asylum.”Points out Nimac Kalcina. All information in case of suspicion of the existence of COVID-19 can be obtained by calling 112. The emergency call service (112) has the numbers of all competent family offices, COVID offices and services for accommodation and transfer of guests in self-isolation. HZZJZ issued instructions on June 19, which resolved many issues, but most regional and local authorities have not yet organized accommodation facilities for guests who will be assigned self-isolation. Most guests who are ordered to self-isolate should return to their home country, and the police are in charge of controlling their return until they cross the border.last_img

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