Where the listed mobile terminal will be transformation bet significant losses

speed transit network in October 12th (feature writer Zhang Xiuqi)   October 1st National Day, people are planning to go to play, how to celebrate this holiday. Domestic online travel search company where to network, to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission prospectus, where to go on the New York stock exchange, the maximum amount of financing not more than $125 million.

Where is

IPO program, the first time the prospectus is the industry analysis again from the inside to the outside, the prospectus shows where the cumulative net loss of up to 150 million yuan, the industry caused an uproar.

wind and cloud: where Ctrip busy doing Bureau

where the network has advertised himself as the search business model innovation, gradually after wading was known as a strong rival giant Ctrip online travel market. But in the current increasingly fierce competition, the mobile market complex environment, where to face no small challenge.

but on the whole or where to sell their own advertising, Ctrip earn their commission, because the pattern is different, each other in the specific business there is not much direct competition. Therefore to ease relations from at once heard the message of cooperation.

Liang Jianzhang at the beginning of 2012 plans to return Ctrip, Ctrip began to change, to actively respond to the price war, the organization structure adjustment, regression technology driven, open platform, wireless strategy, mergers and acquisitions and so on, after a combination of boxing, the stock rose, morale. Where to go attitude is more rational and open, and ultimately contributed to a more comprehensive cooperation a month ago.

At the same time, Ctrip

change to where it did not stop the pace, and actively participate in the price war, the adjustment of the organizational structure, strengthen the TTS and sharp price increases, the hotel direct, contracted hotels, large-scale direct wireless strategy, opportunistic market and so on, after a combination of boxing, clear pattern, IPO prospectus submitted.

prospectus, where founder CEO Zhuang Chen Chao, the shareholding ratio of 7.23%. Earlier rumors, Zhuang Chenchao will leave after the listing. In this regard, Zhuang Chenchao denied.

before that, where the founder of the executive team have fled, Baidu executives to go to some of the key parts of the network where. Analysis of the industry, Zhuang Chenchao holdings accounted for only 7.23%, the possibility of being elevated after the listing of large. But for those areas where the expression of silent listing period, do not reply.

is starting to fight for


at the same time, where the network is submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission IPO prospectus, said he is "China online travel market users most frequently visited sites, but the maximum amount of financing $125 million. Such a low amount of financing, and some time ago burst 2 billion 500 million valuation does not match.

according to the relevant data show that where the net loss from 2010 to 2012 were $4 million 400 thousand, 46>

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