How to play Ali electricity supplier to the countryside to make a good feel special purchases for th

Sina Technology Ding Zhuang

took advantage of Tmall double eleven turnover brush record momentum, the Alibaba announced the launch of Taobao to make special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival, festival, detonated the rural consumption market of electricity supplier.

China’s demographic dividend of the Internet, there is a vast rural worth mining, which has reached a consensus in the industry. From last year, to the countryside to become the slogan of the electricity supplier shouting.

electricity supplier channels in this sinking trend, the fastest landing is Ali group. Ali in October last year, announced the launch of "Chimura Wanxian" Taobao rural plan, in the country of each administrative county, village, village Amoy partner recruitment. In this year’s Tmall double eleven, rural Taobao to produce a year answer: covering 104 counties and more than 8000 administrative villages, with more than 8000 partners. Sun Lijun, general manager of Taobao, said the rural village, the village in the eleven double scouring the day turnover of more than 300 million, out of the expected. In the eleven media center, the results of the village Amoy program as a typical display Ali group, has been highlighted, over and over again on the large screen rolling broadcast.

in fact, in the eyes of Ali, rural Taobao feelings and benefits both. From the big background, thirty years of rapid economic development, resulting in a huge difference between China’s urban and rural areas of the status quo, rural "386199" (women, children and elderly people), was thrown down the era of high-speed train. Speaking from the needs of young people, this part of the people are also looking forward to be able to enjoy the convenience of the Internet shopping experience.

on the other hand, with the electricity supplier competition and saturation of the domestic market, Ali clear direction of development is to go down and down. For now, Tmall as a platform for the development of the outside world, assume the task of Ali breakthrough in the direction of internationalization. And Taobao, is the main platform for the electricity supplier to the countryside, village Amoy program is a specific landing measures. Tasted the sweetness of the eleven Ali, the hope of rural Taobao, hoping to re open the rural electricity supplier consumer market segment, it should be a reasonable.

is different from Tmall double eleven, Taobao is not "Prodigal thousands on thousands of special purchases for the Spring Festival Festival woman" festival, also does not have a fixed date. Compared with the double eleven clear "buy buy buy" theme, is a section of special purchases for the Spring Festival feelings cards.

so, how to play this holiday? Taobao.com vice president Yang Guo said that this year the festival of reunion, with emphasis on special purchases for the Spring Festival taste and special purchases for the Spring Festival. Taobao will cooperate with the local government, the organization of train plane, help the family reunion, and the next line shopping village and Amoy cooperation partnership, the goods sent to the countryside, and the native country returned to town.

"Taobao no pressure day special purchases for the Spring Festival. The goal is to serve more rural consumers" taobao.com, general manager Sun Lijun said, "in fact, vast rural market, for farmers, is not what you do, but what you do, what has changed".

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