My girlfriend broke 40 lipstick is brand marketing how to play will not be scolded

accidentally broke his girlfriend more than and 40 lipsticks, this will give the proposition (which is life without love smile).

please devotion to the man, three bows, incense of silence,

finish the game!

but if you think of it as a planned marketing it instantly felt the wisdom of this event, zero cost posting, ignorance of access to a large number of exposure to the entire network. Multitray standings sister three recent hot events, marketing skills and highlights with everyone looking for events.


event: more than and 40 lipsticks

broke his girlfriend

this half a month, there is a post posted in the little things have been very fire. After October 9th, many public numbers are on a Baidu Post Bar post, the content of the post is a man for help: girlfriend travel, I made the room accidentally put her lipstick box button on the ground, broke her more than and 40 lipsticks, how should I do?


a punctuation but 50 words help posts, without the truth, actually caused a great disturbance: Post Bar netizens crazy, crazy comments have all kinds of style; micro-blog, users turn to Post Bar screenshots of the original, everything turn portal hot paper, if you open WeChat; search, search for "40 lipsticks", you will see many of my friends have turned the related content, both men and women.


in fact, Baidu Post Bar on this post is likely to be false, because as early as October 4th, known to almost have a girlfriend broke 40 lipsticks questions, known on this question and the content of the post fire up exactly the same, just released 3 days earlier. As of 18, 16:00, know almost on the question of the number of visitors has more than 51.36w, the number of people concerned about the number of 10583, a detailed answer to the 1164.


know almost on the authenticity of this question, the list does not do too much to explore the younger sister, only trying to get hot from this incident, to find some marketing skills can learn from.

Q: if this is event marketing, which brands can participate in


A: the most direct natural is the lipstick, lipstick products cosmetics brands.

Q: if the brand wants to participate in marketing, how can I do?

A: from the current point of view, regardless of whether or not on the issue of post bar, there is no obvious brand exposed. If you want to participate in the relevant brands, the list of younger sister think there are 2 ways to participate (welcome to supplement):

1 released to send the man of more than and 40 different color number lipstick

if a cosmetics brand to participate directly, can taking advantage of news on the official channels, send the.

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