The importance of network marketing channel selection

Internet has affected the lives of the masses, the rapid development of smart phones so that the mobile Internet has become a topic for everyone, so that everyone can participate. For such a large user base, how to get revenue from every marketing people to think about the problem. However, there are too many people simply can not get the results they want, why not


chat with a number of business owners in Wuhan found a problem: we all believe micro, but did not dare to do. Although many business owners see the impact of the Internet, see the mobile Internet market prospects are good, but when it comes to his head but did not dare to try, this is why? According to some business owners worry more, the following three cases:

A: the line is actually not bad, we just see others doing online, want to try.

two: for the network, the total feeling a bit empty, more difficult to solve the trust problem.

three: see the effect of the network is too difficult to invest a lot of times did not see returns.

Wrote an article

some time ago did you attend the meeting: the Internet really useful? The article wrote the traditional business owners how to access to the Internet, how to do the Internet, how to leave disappointed. For this example, I believe we all see, all understand. So why so many failures, what is the reason?


In fact,

Guardian Kun found a problem for the traditional Internet companies do the biggest failure of this line or no professional talent to operate. For these companies, more is to find a proxy to do. Their employees are not involved, the sense of participation is very important. Not long ago, I talked to the sun in Wuhan, I talked about this problem. I talked to my sister when she talked. Want to achieve their own products or services through the Internet marketing, then the first is the boss, management and staff to identify, from top to bottom to participate in. At any time only their own employees to understand their own enterprise products or services, and agents are only auxiliary.

there is no professional talent to operate this is a popular problem, in fact, this is not important. The important thing is the choice of channel, the choice of platform.

why is the micro business so fire, many friends do not want to do Taobao? We may say a lot of reasons. First, Taobao’s ecology has formed a cure, it is difficult to cut into the new, it is difficult to have a good effect. And we said the micro business, is still a development in the early stages, are starting from 0, who is afraid of


whether it is business or personal, if you want to achieve your purpose of marketing through the Internet, nine out of ten will advise you to do: WeChat, QQ (mobile phone QQ group, QQ space), micro-blog. Why is there such a situation, because the choice of channels. >

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