Jasmin Grebić getting closer to Barcelona: I cannot betray my Relatives and Friends

first_imgAfter the departure from Sarajevo, over Bihać, Trieste, Venice, San Remo and Nice, Jasmin Grebić from Sarajevo, who rides his bike to Barcelona, arrived near Marseille. After 16 days and more than 1,500 kilometers, Jasmin does not lack optimism and strength.“I’m surprised with how easily I drive for all these days. I guess that God gives some strength to people to withstand difficult moments in their lives,” he said.Grebić confirmed that his trip, which he started on the 1st of July in Sarajevo, goes as planned and that he feels great, despite the tiredness.“I drive approximately 5 to 6 hours per day, with the average speed of 20 km/h, in case of the flat land, and 16 km/h in case of hills. The sun is very strong during the day so I’m trying to drive in the morning, starting from 5 a.m.,” said Jasmin. (Source:

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