Those who let millet CEO admire and do not admire the company how to do marketing

Abstract: millet and admire admire the company what? "From the sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" in the book can peep.

"in the sense of participation: word of mouth marketing millet internal manual" in one book, millet CEO Li Wanqiang mentioned several Internet technology companies, especially on their marketing strategies are analyzed or long or short, including millet millet also have not admire, admire. Thin products to have some meaning, write out to share with you.

millet admire those companies


is the originator of China Jinshan software industry company, is the chairman Lei Jun millet and CEO Li Wanqiang’s old club, millet can get no ground for blame. In the "sense of participation" in the book, in addition to WPS and respected Liwan Jiang Kingsoft more, on the way of marketing Jinshan also talked about — it was a storm type marketing is called "Li sea" and "armed forces".

specifically, "sea" refers to the overall market rally + line + ground troops spread various sales channels of cooperation, the concept of work, through the market to make sound amplification great in strength and impetus marketing event, and then through various sales channels to sales. In this approach, 1999 Jinshan had "Red Genuine storm", three months sold 1 million 100 thousand sets of kingsoft.

back to see today’s millet marketing strategy, is not the shadow of some Jinshan it?


One of the

where the customer is Lei Jun Department of the company, but in 2010 where the customer a fast fashion storm, millet and many Internet Co is worth admire — despite all passengers now no longer charm.

Li Wanqiang admire of every guest, a media resource is focused, two is found on the three is the spokesperson, "explosive" strategy. In particular, the third point, and millet explosive product strategy is actually very similar. 29 yuan and 69 yuan for every guest T-shirt canvas shoes, although not all customer products, has almost become a synonym for the guest.

today’s millet, explosive goods strategy more thoroughly, almost leisurely to create explosive goods, is where the explosive goods strategy upgrades.


Li Wanqiang in the sense of participation, the book does not directly point out the name of the OPPO, just call the main music phone’s domestic mobile phone brand". But even so, he still could not conceal his praise for the domestic brands.

The media resource integration

tough (naming almost all of the guards of the music and entertainment), tall on the star endorsement (Leonardo), international brand packaging (Japan Fan Shizu), the main is the two or three line of the market, this is also the most surprised let Li admire the most.

Li Wanqiang said, millet brand strategy choice now is actually upset, implying that the OPPO has been selected.

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