Florentino becomes the strong man of the FIFA Club World Cup

first_imgThe white project The president of Real Madrid and the FIFA Club World Association has become the first advisor of Gianni Infantino, with whom he joins a friendly relationship. Florentino Pérez Rodríguez works to polish the 2021 Club Supermundial whose first edition will be in China. The new competition will take place between June 17 and July 4 next year and the Champions and Europa League champions from the last four seasons (eight teams) will participate. South America would contribute six teams; while Africa, Asia and CONCACAF would have three each for a representative from Oceania. At the moment Madrid and Atlético are classified, but not Barça, which is obliged to win the Champions League or will depend on an invitation from FIFA.Changes in Boca. The founders of the FIFA Club World Association are: Milan (Italy), Auckland City (New Zealand), Boca and River (Argentina), America (Mexico), Guangzhou (China), Real Madrid (Spain) and Mazembe ( Congo). This week there has been the resignation of the representative of Boca, at the time vice president of the AFA, Daniel Angelici, after the ruling of the TAS favorable to River on the final of the Libertadores in Madrid. Boca must appoint a substitute, since the positions of the World Association belong to the teams. UEFA, against. UEFA is against the project because it considers it a FIFA interference in club football and a competition to the Champions League. He also believes that it will be the germ of the European Club Super League, a project that FIFA will launch in Africa with the 24 best teams. The opposition will be public at the March Congress in Amsterdam.Clean in the CSD. The landing of Irene Lozano as the new Secretary of State for Sport has been accompanied by a clean in positions of trust. When leaving María José Rienda, we must add her cabinet director, Conchi Bellorín; to the Director of Communication, Sara Rada; to the protocol director, Enrique Ramón, and to the lawyer Carlos Lasheras, adviser to the Presidency and one of the people who has worked the most in the drafting of the Sports Law. In the CSD they fear that the changes do not end there. The general director, Mariano Soriano, is still going on. In fact, it was he who had to communicate the dismissals.last_img

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