Weren’t charges against Singh, Brassington also meant to embarrass, humiliate?

first_imgDear Editor,I was utterly flabbergasted when I read that the Finance Minister is now suing Member of Parliament Juan Edghill, claiming damages in the sum of two hundred million dollars ($200,000,000) for “Malicious Prosecution of the Offence of Misconduct in Public Office” and other damages.Jordan, in his application to the court, stated that private criminal charges filed by the Opposition Parliamentarian were intended to “embarrass, humiliate, and cause him to suffer public odium and contempt”. If that is the case, then we can also argue, and reasonably conclude, that the charges against Dr Ashni Singh and Mr Brassington are also meant to “embarrass, humiliate, and cause them to suffer public odium and contempt”.This must be so concluded, since the sale of the land and properties were duly authorised by Cabinet in the same manner in which Jordan claimed that the payment of $906 million to Homestretch Development Incorporated was approved by the National Assembly.Similarly, “no reasonable person can conclude, or even draw an inference,” that Dr Singh and Mr Brassington are guilty of the offence of ‘misconduct in public office’. Mr Jordan should, however, know that it is for the courts to conclude on guilt.But while the DPP has allowed the justice system to act — albeit unjustly so — in the case of the former, the DPP has failed to administer the same quota of justice in Jordan’s case, citing that complaints should have been made to the Police. However, political dictates will never allow such an occurrence!It is clear that the PNC influence in our judicial system is getting stronger!Having said that, I wish to inform Mr Jordan that he holds a public office and he should expect that he would be subjected to vigorous public scrutiny at all times. In this case, Mr Edghill, as a Member of Parliament, has the right to demand that transactions which are questionable are brought to the public domain.In the case of the D’Urban Park Project, there is a complete lack of data on how the monies were spent, and records are not available. On May 22nd this year, it was reported that the Office of the Auditor General was probing deeper into the project, and that “several questions still linger”, even though some records were submitted by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MoPI).Moreover, there was no budgetary allocation made in either the 2015 or 2016 Budgets; and despite complaints by the Opposition to the Public Procurement Commission, nothing was done. The Minister of Public Infrastructure was simply instructed by the President to take over the project.So let the ‘reasonable man’ decide whether or not the private criminal charges brought by Mr Edghill were justified or not. The public needed answers, and Mr Edghill attempted to provide those answers by using the only recourse he has — our legal system! Will our legal system now fail him?It is a shame that this Coalition Government, instead of providing answers to corruption charges, would seek to clamp down, stifle and kill those voices which agonisingly cry against the myriad corrupt practices being perpetrated against this nation in just three years! This is no surprise, since the PNC colour flies above Guyana!Your sincerely,Haseef YusufRDC Councillor,Region Sixlast_img

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