Lonely brother enhance the university website brand strategy

with the accelerated pace of the Internet, the number of college students to build a campus website is rising year by year. Recently, many people ask me how to improve the visibility of the University website. Whether you want to do campus forums, or do classification information, or entertainment sites, portals, information sites. There are a lot of reasons are interlinked. Last time I have told you how to do a good job in the University Forum search engine optimization, this time I’m here to talk about how to do a good job in the promotion of University website.

an efficient team leader.

you as an administrator, should have affinity, this is not a simple talk can do well, the key to have prestige, usually words and membership mix, even if it is registered or ordinary members, as long as they have doubts, if the administrator if you have time, the first time to give help, this will make new members feel the warmth, let them gradually fall in love this spiritual home.

other members of your team should be trained to do this, but you can’t ask for too much of them, and give them certain benefits, such as honors, certificates, etc.. Such members will even feel a little bit of meaning, as well as occasional dinner or activities together, you can strengthen the cohesion of the team, more conducive to narrowing the relationship between each other. In this way, your team will really accept each other, will strive for you to promote.

two, increase the site’s exposure.

1 word of mouth

efforts to do a good job with the student union, the team responsible person, you can ask them to eat or activities, such as asking them to help students in the school, the community to promote. In the student union, the formation of opinion leaders within the community, and then do a good job of these people, the relationship between the use of these people spread. Good effect, low cost!

2 consumer promotion

posted a web page in every school store. This specific can be discussed with each store’s boss, basically do not spend RMB, the key lies in your verbal skills, but also to mobilize your team members, and even acquaintances to open up the channels of each store. Here I especially want to point out the store: print shop, supermarket, cafeteria door, repair shops, laundries, beverage shop, lattice shop shop strong flow et al. This can greatly improve the site’s exposure. Low cost, high exposure!

3 administrative marketing

with the teacher, College (Department) cooperation, the use of administrative power to promote the website. At the same time, the use of opinion leaders with each college (Department) of the squad leader to communicate, the use of the right to monitor their website publicity. The cost is not high, the authority is high, the credibility is strong.

4 forum to promote

each university basically has one or two more well-known forums. Here we can dig a lot of things. Call the team members, everyone at the specified time

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