4 principles behind the HTML5 marketing the 7 cases and the 12 map

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along with a nervous cat and several brands of content circle of friends crazy turn, H5 quickly won the attention of many marketers.

however, invitations, product promotion diagram produced by H5 was crazy forwarded by numerous praise by the industry, word of mouth, while others although the producers also soundless and stirless, spent a lot of money.

so, what does H5 do in marketing, where does it spread? If you want to start a H5 transmission, which precedents should be the benchmark? How to select suppliers? How about the general charges in the market?

seven cases

1, touch screen: fingerprint identification

mobile social product sharing (partners +36 krypton +nice)

40 thousand UV, can only accommodate 1000 people to register the form of instant closure.


This is the

in 2014 August in the mobile Internet practitioners circle heat transfer H5, the biggest bright spot is the button made of fingerprint recognition style, clever use of the user to click on the illusion of hitherto unknown experience. The H5 is considered an early example of the classic case, and now it seems that although it is not so amazing, but in August, or with the industry to bring a different creative whirlwind.

2, sliding screen type:

an invitation from the future (Pingwest)

490 thousand PV, the application of the 40 thousand, the scene can only accommodate up to 800 people.


This is the

in 2014 October the future application team during the trip to the pingwest sync2014 convention, one from planning to creative design, in addition to the wording of the amendment, from A to Z this H5 did not do any modification. The highlight is the use of non-polar sliding way to do page transition, contrast overflow H5 sliding screen page transition form, this design is very clever to information display, allowing users to read is not boring but full of expectation. It is worth noting that the H5 can only accommodate 800 people to bring the scene of the registration of 40 thousand people, the scene of the aisles, corridors are full of people, the future of the application team is also done after the team name to determine.

3, sliding screen class



) Bill ten years


4, content creation: multiple-choice questions

Youku future card (Youku)


5, plot: animated drama >

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