Force Female light luxury economic Baidu Nuomi invited 37 girls in Sanya for a day

"3· 7 girls Festival invited 37 girls go to Sanya to experience the super yacht and run the 517 chowhound day? Good looking forward to Baidu Nuomi other activities this year!" recently, there are users in the Sina micro-blog said.


it is understood that in 2016 "3· on the eve of the girls section 7, Baidu Nuomi through big data screening, invited 37 girls fans to experience Sanya run, yachts and customized wine will be supreme enjoyment, the coconut trees, clear water sand in the world of experience to be pet happiness. It is reported that this event is jointly organized by the Sanya Baidu Nuomi Hong Chau International Yacht Club, Hong Chau International Yacht Hotel, aimed at girls’ day for girls to create love upgrade, the ultimate experience of the dream tour.


these lucky girls arrive at the hotel, is the VIP treatment, a sumptuous dinner a journey to the tired. In the morning of the second day of the event, the 37 lucky users also ushered in the event of surprise – Asia’s fastest speed boats. Among them, the largest one has streamlined profile and Italy classical style of the PERSHING 72, 37 lucky girls boarding the sea, leaving the most beautiful moment in the blue sky.


is not only from the land to the sea, Sanya can provide 37 lucky girls and the underwater world. In snorkeling activities, under them and sea level in the world of intimate contact, girls better water is involved in clean marine waste, environmental protection for the job; wine tasting not only let the girls know more wine culture, but also stimulate the girl’s delicate temperament, the girls were all dressed in evening dress elegant; coconut Grove Avenue supercar experience is full of speed and passion, more than expected. Contemporary women respect the attitude of the quality of life, in the Baidu Nuomi love upgrade the ultimate experience of girls in the activities, has been the greatest degree of release and expansion.


in fact, before this event, micro-blog has long been a topic of discussion on the girls’ day. Recently, # GIRL’DAY replaced the women’s day # topic once boarded the Sina micro-blog topic list of the top three. On this topic, many netizens opinions, there are also expressed support for the opposition. However, the famous finance critic Yu Fenghui said sharply: in essence, the girls section instead of women’s day, is an economic problem.

there is another topic behind this statement, the women’s economy. March 3rd, Baidu Nuomi released O2O life service women consume big data report. Data show that China’s Internet users accounted for 46% of the proportion of female users contributed O2O consumption of 62%, China’s O>

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