dle will start around 525 second hand trading blue ocean hot day ending

May 25th, 58 group of professional secondary trading APP "around" launched the "second-hand 525 great in strength and impetus Festival" activities, to encourage users to actively participate in idle second-hand trade, in the realization of "docking" at the same time, can also be used for cash, lirenliji. According to official data released by the end of May 27th, ending the event attracted more than 2 million 100 thousand users to participate in, the cumulative turnover of more than 500 thousand orders. Under the guidance of a large number of millions of red envelopes subsidies, and low carbon environmental protection concept of life under the guidance of the call, the average daily trading volume around the platform grew by 185%, the amount of information released daily growth of more than 160%. The objective demand for domestic idle transactions has been very large. However, the specific issues that hinder the efficiency of the secondary trading professionals need to provide a platform to solve the problem, it will be a huge blue ocean, the product director Chen Lu said.

with the rapid development of electricity providers and people’s consumption patterns, almost everyone has gone through the consumption of goods after the impulse is idle. Internet professionals have pointed out that the business enterprise almost cover the entire year of marketing activities, constantly brainwashing users "buy buy buy", to a certain extent, the people’s house into a small warehouse, a large number of have the value of the goods is idle, which is a great waste of social resources. The market have so many festivals remind us to buy buy buy, there is such a "second-hand Festival" remind us can "sell, sell" empty house "make the best use of idle".

as the largest and most professional life service platform, 58 city and Ganji two platform on the secondary channel in a single month cumulative transaction information to reach 5 million, for this piece of blue ocean economic insight into the nature of idle one step ahead. It is reported that, in the main categories of foreign information website, the proportion of second-hand transactions accounted for the overall proportion of 50%-70%, while in the country this share is only about 20%, but in recent years, rapid growth. Relying on the rich resources of the group of 58, around APP last year to second days after the double eleven officially released by CEO, yaojinbo personally photographed shooting endorsement and brand advertising, is the effort to build a heavyweight product, just five months, a total of more than 5 hundred million transactions around the whole platform. According to recent data show that the peak of its daily active users exceeded 5 million, more than 100 thousand daily trading orders, has become one of the preferred platform for all the people of idle trading.

In addition to the rapid growth of

, around another important "killer", which is integrated with the WeChat depth for secondary trading provides information to the user from the closed loop service trade. Around the user must use WeChat account login, enhance the authenticity of the parties to the transaction user’s identity, at the same time with WeChat’s ability to pay, to provide a convenient and secure online payment and secured transactions for users. The rapid spread of the micro business from the rise of WeChat, you can see the potential impact of this platform for ripe trading opportunities. The back of the WeChat not only get the most of its core social relations chain data sharing, and even get the exclusive entry in the WeChat client. A series of resources from WeChat

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