U S shopping season online shopping blowout courier and businesses unprepared

the "Wall Street Journal online edition published today entitled" online shopping UPS and retailers to be long in coming blowout "(Late Surge in Web be taken by surprise Buying Blindsides UPS, Retailers) review article said, because the amount of online shopping season of American Christmas shopping this year increased, but the blowout time has been postponed, resulting in major retailers and express the company can not be taken by surprise, a lot of orders sent to the hands of consumers on time on Christmas Eve.

below is the full text of the article:

online shopping blowout

this year, the United States Christmas shopping season online shopping blowout, so many businesses are difficult to cash before Christmas delivery commitments. This phenomenon shows that retailers and courier companies have not yet fully understand the laws of the Internet era shopping.

Amazon Kohl’s and WAL-MART have promised to deliver goods to consumers before December 25th, but some packages have failed to fulfill their commitments.

UPS said late Tuesday that the company’s system was overwhelmed by the last-minute rush to buy goods, so it was unable to deliver some of the goods on Christmas day. A spokesman for the company said: "because the demand is far greater than we expected, the number of air parcels in the UPS system has exceeded the established load."

although FedEx spokesman said the company’s delivery did not appear a wide range of delays, but they also received a lot of reports are not timely delivery.

Americans during the Christmas shopping season, the proportion of online shopping is far more than usual. This trend is further exacerbated this year, leading to a number of businesses and courier companies caught off guard.

according to the U.S. Department of Commerce statistics, e-commerce accounts for about 6% of the country’s total retail sales. The United States Retail Federation, said this year’s Christmas shopping season accounted for nearly 14%.

IBMDigital Analytics data show that in the last weekend before Christmas, the total online shopping grew by 37%. Market research firm Forrester Research is expected, due to reduced shopping center traffic, coupled with weak sales of the store, is expected this year during the Christmas shopping season, the total online shopping will grow by 15%.

retail industry analysts said, although the influence of the weather and the network fault and the delay of shipment vendors can not be ignored, but unexpected blowout online shopping is perhaps the most main reason is not timely delivery.

Mercent helps 550 retailers handle network retail business, the company CEO Eric · jiangbaisite (Eric Best) said that although some businesses postpone the delivery deadline this year, but did not expect that in December the last few weeks the network orders surge. During the shopping season, these retailers have reached the limit of delivery." He said. >

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