Electricity supplier thinking lack of platform type of company

2012 is coming, the domestic electricity supplier companies in the past year to reflect and sum up experience. It seems that everyone is thinking about common problems, lack of platform type of company.

look at the world pattern of the development of the Internet, are the same law: the portal is less than the application, the application of less than the platform. On the Chinese Internet market, Sina, Sohu is a portal, Baidu, Tencent is applied, Alibaba (Taobao) is a real platform company. Ma Yun said in an interview recently: I do not think there are other companies outside the Alibaba to find the right way to do e-commerce in china. No one, I am very confident." Ma Yun said that, of course, his truth.

Alibaba platform ideas

platform company has the characteristics of technology driven, and focus on the development of basic systems, tools, based on this is an open model.

Taobao is the case, the idea is a platform, and most of the Internet Co took a different path. Taobao train, a scouring network, Alipay, Juhuasuan and so on, these are the common tools, and with the development of mobile Internet, they will make a difference in the intelligent mobile phone system, SNS. In general is a platform company route.


Taobao has been in the development, has been growing, but also has been facing some problems, that is, for many businesses, Taobao’s platform for small and medium enterprises service system has not been completed, improve.

while trying to explore the Tmall (B2B electricity supplier model) because of marketing to do a good job, so bear fruit, but always get rid of the lack of supply chain management features. Just as "tongue on China", marketing is also very powerful, but no good word-of-mouth, docking and integration of supply chain, which only stays in the mouth, can not form a repeated cycle of buying and maximize the benefits, this is the biggest loss.

Jingdong transformation

Jingdong and Tmall compared with the biggest advantage is the supply chain, the platform can be seamlessly connected with the supply chain, for Tmall, which is Jingdong’s largest competitiveness.

and Jingdong is now in transition, gradually opening up, the platform, and gradually like Tmall mode closer. Jingdong launched cloud services platform JOS, claiming to be "through JOS, can realize the seamless business information system and the Jingdong system, provide analysis of shops, sales, traffic and other aspects of the data for businesses, help businesses to check business data, quantitative evaluation and assessment of each joint link. In addition, JOS is also advertising, marketing, sales, warehousing, distribution and other aspects of business support for businesses". This pace is obviously like Tmall to learn, still go is the platform of ideas.

similarly, we look at foreign apple, hardware, software, platform, supply chain, brand, retail for the

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