NetEase COO jingle before the start of the mind wary of the inertia of the big platform thinking



editor’s note: entrepreneurship is a difficult trek, as can predict in advance the way possible trap and fork, the higher the probability of success. Therefore, compared to those who have almost perfect packaging success model, entrepreneurs are more eager to learn from their own similar difficulties and lessons learned in the mirror.

lesson is the depth of Tencent technology in the second half of the report column. Content includes the most well-known Internet companies in recent years, the story of the company, the story and the characters, about the Internet entrepreneurs experience real detours and setbacks, and thus experience and reflection.

but please note that the "lesson" series of the protagonist may be a detour, but a lot of people have been out of the shadows, the new road, or even create a recognized industry success.

we are doing, is speculative and checking from multiple angles, business sense and summing up the naked truth on entrepreneurial shock.

Tencent technology Lou pool reported on September 23rd

        left the NetEase for 15 months, has been out of the public eye. (NetEase, former chief operating officer Zhan Zhonghui) did not idle. Love this T-shirt big pants and slippers in 70 after the uncle did not seem so grass root, had created the NetEase game team and a variety of suction gold products he, today have a company named Jane Wyatt Technology (hereinafter referred to as Jane Wyatt) entrepreneurial game company.

talked about NetEase and Ding Lei, Ding said there are still thanks, he believes that he can be in the rapid development of online games in the past few years, the number of leading Chinese game companies, is a rare experience. He describe his relationship with Ding Lei leaving is a state between peace and part, "when two people have some differences in direction, the outcome can only leave me".

is not only the outside world does not know between Ding Lei and jingling out exactly what the problem is, even the way we don’t know what is what time node, or what a decision with Gordon Ding Lei. A woman who had worked for many years in the old NetEase game game that, between two people, Zhan Ding is no real contradiction, Ding Lei should be expected to have more direct management of the game business, so the cup of wine Bingquan release. According to the Tencent of science and technology understanding, in the sound after the departure of Ding Lei had specifically went to Guangzhou for several days, dinner jingle jioubu, to appease.

, in fact, does the NetEase play jingle does influence the industry beyond imagination, in Jane Yueli today, former NetEase employees accounted for 80% of the game, the core business team as the backbone of all NetEase away: CTO cloud wind (Wu Yunyang) is the director of the NetEase before the game Hangzhou R & D Center; vice president of the NetEase is the former Yan the game department only both the end of the tour, Mobile Games product manager experience; COO Chen Weian is the former general manager of NetEase Blizzard joint venture company; marketing vice president Fan Cunyan is the former NetEase brand director, Center for Strategic Studies > founding NetEase

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