The capital like B2C hidden behind the opportunity

booming e-commerce in the country, B2C seems to always be the joy of the bulk of the capital market. All over the world VC who always are concerned about changes in the industry, only the last two years by B2C as an example, the wind footprint throughout the various B2C companies, such as Jingdong, behind every guest, wheat bags are venture capital figure. Hidden in the back of the computer bigwigs, seemingly ready to party to pay at B2C company.

This is a

VC value is Xiamen veoshoesshoes, a once in 19 months on the line after the creation of the B2C. footwear sold 500 thousand pair of authentic shoes from veoshoesshoes said, after 19 months on the line, "veoshoesshoes" launched in July 28th called the price value of hundreds of million the top-level domain S.CN.S.CN has become G.CN, the first large-scale promotion of the top-level domain.


, domain name investment celebrity Cai Wensheng said, veoshoesshoes S.CN as B2C company opened the first single letter top-level domain name, Fujian B2C, games, animation and other emerging industries are full speed, fully catch up with the international trend. For the B2C industry, the name of the shoe to upgrade the domain name plays a good role in promoting.

it is worth noting that, so far, the name of the shoe library is one of the few large capital B2C no venture capital injection, it’s good to buy music, music Amoy have received $10 million in financing. In attracting funds, veoshoesshoes a personal independence of conduct in the B2C industry.

B2C hot veoshoesshoes led Fujian power

domestic hot B2C almost is an indisputable fact. E-commerce in China’s tenth year of development, the Chinese market ushered in the era of online shopping blowout. Just a few years, there have been thousands of B2C shopping sites, and those who have relied on a vertical category in the market to gain a firm foothold in the B2C companies have begun to pursue online WAL-MART dream.

rapid growth in the online shopping market, so that traditional businesses competing to join the army of e-commerce. Suning, COFCO has been officially "net", Dangdang, excellence and other e-commerce enterprises to continuously adjust the business sector and tap new profit point. Data show that in 2009 the e-commerce industry added 4000 B2C sites, while in 2010 the number of new B2C companies will reach about 1. The e-commerce market will usher in a raging like a storm. The development of B2C naturally attracted the attention of VC.

it is understood that in the past few months, including Jingdong, including B2C e-commerce companies frequently announced financing information. Among them, Jingdong tiger Global Fund and other investors to invest $150 million a day, a few days ago, shop No. 1 came to Ping An Group to inject capital; and the creation of only 2 years of Southern China Yi commerce also received IDG investment.

in the local area of Xiamen, the various companies are also aware of the future potential of B2C, in the name of the Bank launched the S.CN top-level domain name that day, the Xiamen municipal government does not

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