By domain name to bring business in the online store

products will be arranged on the "bird", "dog", "fish" and "gardening" a different site for sale, all relevant information can be found in almost all the lovers need. A company called unreal world, the use of various types of domain names to seize the segments of the e-commerce market, concise and easy to remember the English category is their best marketing tool.

Alex Tabibi the name card especially fun, printed on a dog, a horse, a bird, a fish and a ferret, do not know who thought he was an animal protection people. In fact, for him, every animal represents a market with unlimited potential.

, a 38 year old Alex who used to be a cancer expert, now prefers to be called "cyber Noah."". His ark is called "the unreal world" (UnRealEstate). 2002, with the wave of the second wave of the network hit, originally meditation in medical research Alex can not sit still. He and his brother Carlo opened a "unreal world" company specializing in online sales.

"everything you need is here"

according to the original assumption of the Alex brothers, fantasy world, the retail site must first have a detailed classification, business from the animal world gradually expanded to other areas.

in order to attract eyeballs, they came up with a new tricks: be arranged on different products sold on the site, such as the to sell bird cage, bird, bird and other birds play activities, and sell fish related products on, sold on and horse related products etc..

in addition, unreal world of its theme of each sales website have established a complete set of independent operation mode, such as in the website set up a call center and call center, to provide full free shipping, the lowest discount, 365 days unconditional refund and other concessions for shoppers. Web site is also a special web site to introduce knowledge of birds and birds. For a bird lover, browsing the website can get almost all the information he needs.

today, the world fantasy Animal Kingdom have covered the dogs, horses, birds, fish, ferrets members, then will expand to the field of Horticulture: (Garden) and (greenhouse). Our goal is to seize all segments of the world market." Alex was sentenced G? /p>

last year, the total sales of unreal world’s website for $62 million, is expected this year is expected to exceed 1 hundred million, the proportion of marketing income allocated to the site and suppliers. In addition to the sale of other brands of products, unreal world is also creating its own brand, sales of its own brand last year

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