Buy into three into life and death proposition ten strong gap widened to 280 million

actually in March to pick up the turnover of the industry is limited to the top ten. Independent group purchase navigation site 800 data show that in March this year, group purchase sales of 1 billion 730 million yuan, an increase of 236.2%, the top three group purchase website with sales of more than $250 million, three of the total turnover accounted for the overall size of the top ten market share of 49%, accounting for about 90%. Analysts believe that Matthew effect has appeared in the top ten sites, the end of the first line of the site or buy only 3.

light into the first ten HOLD live

buy the top three to accelerate the impact of market share. Group 800 data show that in March to buy sales of $1 billion 730 million, up 18.4%, the growth rate increased by 10.3 percentage points. It is worth noting that the former belongs to the "200 million yuan club" members of the U.S. mission network, handle network and Wo Wo Group, March collective force, the monthly turnover exceeds 250 million yuan, of which the U.S. mission network for the industry first, March sales of 304 million yuan, accounting for about three of the total turnover of 49%, exceeded 45.2% of the market last month share ratio.

at the same time, the top ten public comment monthly turnover of more than 200 million yuan, 58, F group, group purchase rice monthly turnover of billions of dollars are also. The total turnover of the top ten has accounted for about 90% of the total market. It is worth noting that the first U.S. group and tenth high sales gap has reached 278 million yuan, the "Matthew effect" to appear in the top ten industries.

for the above gap, Wang Huiwen, vice president of the U.S. mission network admitted that the figure will continue to expand, in addition, the industry will also appear to integrate and close. In this regard, the 800 Group founder Hu Chen agrees, he said: "the recent Wo Wo Group took over the market group purchase business, as well as F group and high friend merger rumors, are sufficient to prove that the comprehensive integration group purchase industry has spread to the top of the big station."

is how to achieve the level of this group purchase website security? Vice president, Southern China Huaqiang North representative Gong Wenxiang online business forecast, due to the new investment will not go into the end of the first group purchase group purchase website, the website only about 3.

sacrifice 357 buy station

Although the industry has pointed out that

has been white hot competition in the group, the small and medium-sized stations in the cost control and rapid response to the larger stations have more advantages. However, many small and medium-sized websites just input has been wounded or killed bloody.

it is understood that, following the February there are 200 buy site after the transition, this month there are more than 357 websites to buy other businesses or closed. According to the latest 800 group data show that as of the end of March a total of 3269 domestic group purchase website, and in February the national owns 3626 group purchase website.

face the industry to buy more intense reshuffle and integration, industry expert analysis, when there is a large-scale collapse, integration, the competition is expected to buy the industry from the cost of competing for users to turn >

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