What are some of the work of the nternet to make money at home to do a good job


new ways to gather customer rebate goods store

a lot of people is not the same as I did a year ago, only know how to search for links in the mother Ali, a unit promotion. I’m glad to tell you that I’m not doing it now. Are you still going on? So you’re really out. The most popular method is to return money Q Q double Taobao cool off. It’s a violent way to make money. Positive efforts of people can earn 10000 yuan a month; like I do not work hard, can only earn thousands of dollars a month. If I can do it, you can.

Q Q cool dual Taobao customer is a franchise activities, as long as the accession to the QQ Taobao double cool off, you can have a large customer rebate Taobao own the mall. The mall is many commodities, goods rebate. The reason why the name is called double Taobao off, because the site is a two-way Commission, that is, as a shop owner can take part of the purchase of goods from the seller can also extract part. So the Commission is not less? No! Even so, as we store the Commission but not less. This is why the reason is that the site itself is very high commission. We can get 2% to 50% Commission on this website by Q Q cool double Taobao. If the price of a commodity is 300 yuan, then, in accordance with the maximum commission calculation, there will be a commission of $150, of which we merchants 75 yuan, buyers $75, is not very cost-effective. With such a high commission, not afraid of our old customers ran away.

is not my own exaggerated, also not to boast, last year, Taobao QQ double passenger through, I net 60 thousand. I don’t have such a high salary for a full-time job. High income makes my life has changed dramatically, I can buy more beautiful clothes, can do nothing to do the hair, you can also travel to enjoy life.

do you want to make money through Q Q cool double Taobao? Let me teach you how to make money!

first of all, you need to join Q Q cool double item Taobao guest. After joining the company will give you a separate mall. The mall goods are Taobao customer rebate goods. Extension and description of the goods, the mall will automatically fill, no need to manually import. Mall, the company will send you a top-level domain name. In addition, you can also set the name of the product and logo, etc.. Mall also supports SEO, keyword positioning and search, etc.. In fact, it’s your website, you can do everything. Not only do is shipping, logistics and other issues, this is the actual goods stores. These things are not important, it is important for you to learn a website promotion, let outsiders know the benefits of this site. As long as the mall spread out, you sit waiting for money.

is followed by the agent, which is Q Q cool double item Taobao guest another

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