We again financing 100 million dollar hit a turnaround brewing

November 1st, a third party supplier where the customer has not got the payment of August. Half a month ago, where the message told him that the money will be closed before the end of October, that time is where the most serious crisis, most outside attention time.

it is hard to say, where exactly what the reason is because come to this point today.

A former employee of

where the customer said, Chen said the layoffs are not 20%, but 50% or so. This 50% includes the direct cut, the merger of the Department, as well as due to the move of the company caused by the active resignation of employees. Of course, go to work too far, the new office is too broken, as well as the bus began to charge, there is no place to eat, etc., but also the reasons for employee turnover.

industry burst out of the data is surprising: including wind up (where a wholly owned distribution company built) at the peak of 11 thousand people, to 3000 people at present, where fewer employees 8000 people. Vice President Xu Xiaohui gives more numbers where the customer can not determine.

now the feeling of the vendor is that a lot of work no one handover. "Where? Listed definitely gone!" filed, I stocks have some analysts of the company can not conceal his regret. And another where the former employees are no longer concerned about the future of the company, he just complained: "at the end of 2012 13 pay no hair, now even the bus also as we predicted, start charging, the company seems to be really no money".

as a Chinese Internet e-commerce company on behalf of its own brand, expectations for VANCL has been higher than that of other companies, the previous model, personality, to create a "VANCL style" company, but gradually faded aura in a "reflection" in the founder.


like what happened? Why in the end of 2012, and the supply chain inventory successfully to straighten out all passengers, walk into traffic, serious decline of suppliers owed money, a sharp drop off point


in the status of the guest from outside to see when questioned, Xu Xiaohui told the economic observer said in a message: where the customer has got beyond all expectations and a $100 million round of financing.

pat head

no one knows what time we started to enter the crisis, perhaps from April this year, the cooperation with Lining let old had "started the third party to make quick money" idea.

Lining was selling products on where customers are very good, where customers announced to "open", where customers outside of the brand to do. Perhaps, this is later referred to as "sewer" origin, many of the company’s inventory to customers can be looted.

May, a guest staff began to feel "very nervous", when the guest in the do a sudden "investment", where the third division and seventh division is involved, then in Shanghai recruited more than and 500 brands.

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