Brief analysis on how to do well the network marketing of enterprise product station

              with the rapid growth of Internet users, the commercial value of the Internet continues to highlight. The popularity of the Internet, the traditional industry has brought a new wave, the industry will be adjusted to the direction of the Internet, trying to combine the traditional and the network market, to maximize the benefits. I believe that many companies have established their own websites, but also upload the product, but this is only the basis, as the product made out, no one knows, can only be placed there. There may be some companies have started to do product network promotion, but there are still a large part of the enterprise did not attach importance to. Now, let Qian Qian to talk about enterprise products station network marketing should pay attention to some of the.

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first, the establishment of enterprise product station

              network era, enterprises can not do without their own website. Of course also should pay attention to establish, should stand in the user’s point of view, if a potential customer come to our website, he needs what products and services, some new customers see the products, and want to know how the company is determined to buy, and the need to contact etc.. These are the site must be considered when the. So the enterprise products stand on the company profile, product list, is necessary for us, you can add other columns according to the needs of web site. Product classification should be clear, product introduction to be as detailed as possible, the picture should be beautiful. Design should be simple and generous, have their own style. Such sites appear in front of customers, they may like and look down.

two, optimize enterprise site

              pre site optimization is to make the site can better promote the foundation. Of course, this is mainly for the search engine. In the premise of not affecting the user experience, as much as possible in line with the taste of the search engine, for the latter part of the network marketing is very critical. Enterprise product station to use as little as possible JS calls, FlASH, and there are a lot of enterprise product stand is dynamic, pseudo static look better. Then set the site’s Title, Descripti>

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