Liu Qiangdong directed at Taobao monopoly Sellers must grasp their destiny

NetEase Francisco 7 and 29 news, the first Jingdong in the open platform Partner Conference held today, the Jingdong Group founder, has long not public speaking CEO Liu Qiangdong suddenly appeared in the lecture scene, referring to Taobao monopoly, and remind the seller, a number of electronic business platform is the common sales reliable strategy.

at the beginning of the lecture, Liu Qiangdong jokes that he has been a long time not to want to ask arena things, six did not even see people are strangers are shy. Liu Qiangdong once said with many colleagues and friends to communicate, in the communication he found electricity providers an open platform in this industry is gradually developing, but some sellers at the expense of the health of many family time, profits are increasingly thin, very hard. So Liu Qiangdong said to the seller here: the seller should spread their products to a number of sellers, if more than 50% sales in a single platform, it will be very dangerous thing." The seller must even loudly, firmly grasp their own destiny, don’t take fate into the hands of others.

in the next period of time, Liu Qiangdong believes that the Jingdong must open platform business success, if not successful, Jingdong in logistics, IT system and other aspects of investment of tens of billions of dollars will dashuipiao. He even think that if there is no open platform, the future Jingdong will die, open platform is the main business of Jingdong in the future must do. According to Liu Qiangdong introduction, in all categories, only about 1/10 of Jingdong can do, the vast majority of categories must rely on open platform.

at the end of the speech, Liu Qiangdong said: at present, Jingdong’s open platform to do is not perfect enough, but Jingdong can see this, in order to open the platform to do more efforts."

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