919 again crazy network network grand track P custom wine hot sale

75 million sales, three hundred million red and 36 hours 919 eco Carnival feast, network network for the fans who made more than that. Depending on the build fans carnival night evening, "grand track" network network to build IP ecological custom wine – Meilan flower "grand track" series of customized version of the pre cocktails for the first time in secret. In September 20th, the official network network officially opened the pre-sale price of 39.9 yuan, 6 bottle set sparked unprecedented world grand carnival



network network sale: Meilan flower "grand track" series of customized version of the pre cocktails of

"grand track" lit 919 fans carnival night drama

the night of September 19th, Guo Jingming with real CG fantasy film "grand track" at night. Han Hong’s first live concert "grand track" theme song "a circle" consonance powder numerous "grand track" starring one of William Chan is to come up with bursts of screaming fans by customers. As the first real film CG Guo Jingming, IP Fan Bingbing, the large gathered Wu Yifan, Chen Xuedong, Yang Mi, William Chan and other stars face, depending on the ecological hailun show a remarkable charm.


Han Hong interpretation of "grand track" theme song, Guo Jingming, William Chan debut


September 20th, network network officially disclosed "grand track" IP eco customized products – Meilan flower "grand track" series of customized version of the pre cocktails in the official website. The wine for its own global network network quality brand " flower burning Meilan cocktail ". Packaging elements, fantasy refreshing taste buds experience, let the brand and the "grand track" target audience a perfect fit. In recent years, as a derivative of the IP limited collection of rare masterpiece, Meilan flower "grand track" series of pre cocktails after sale will lead to "grand track" diehard powder crazy pursuit.

addition, LETV mall limited 200 thousand sets of Le dimension " Prince not only " package also attracted attention of fans. "Grand track" the first movie tickets, tickets to the premiere ceremony of the 2, and 6 months of Le dimension member services, film and television premiere ceremony of ecological rights Limited Edition Poster set, allowing users to enjoy a premium product service experience.

919 fans behind the carnival, entertainment and life, consumption and cultural integration, build an ecological drama Meilan flower "grand track" series of pre cocktails and other derivatives.

IP eco open wine marketing sunroof

IP mining industry value chain to the whole ecological cross-border linkage, has always been good at music as ecological strengths, but also explore the direction of network network in recent years.

from last year in three months, a record 20 million sales performance "Mi month biography" official custom derivatives "Mi wine", this year as the "Tomb notes", "grand track" super IP custom wine products, and then to.

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