We look forward to moving overseas and adjust the architecture bring new growth

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has done more than a year where customers continue to adjust the structure of subtraction, in addition to continue to merge some departments to do subtraction, we started to strengthen the "focus" and "innovation", plans for overseas business and mobile Internet business force. In addition, we also announced the introduction of Lining sale, began to do exploration in brand + channels.

seek new growth points

yesterday evening to release where the adjustment of organization structure, called the 2013 China Internet environment and garment industry environment are changing dramatically, the competition is more intense, so we make corresponding adjustments to promote the Internet, encourage innovation and competition, and to continue the implementation of flat and specialization.

which is the first focus of the adjustment of innovation, innovation is the first move to set up a mobile innovation division, trying to bring new mobile internet marketing new growth points. After all passengers aged CEO at the end of March had been publicly disclosed, we have 30% of the revenue from the mobile terminal.


innovation is to accelerate the pace of internationalization, the original customer business department was renamed as the platform to expand overseas, in the second half of last year, where the customer has to enter Vietnam, according to the understanding of the current has begun to carry out market research in Russia, India and other countries.

it is understood that the two part of the original business platform belonging to business department, now independent directly to the aging report, is the future development of key customers.

in marketing ideas, where the customer had already established results oriented multi-channel promotion system, and share content and tasted the sweetness in the creation of users, this adjustment is in terms of personnel, just back to where the customer is responsible for marketing center Xu Xiaohui and planning center.

at the same time, we will merge the original third business lines and third Home Furnishing accessories production center procurement functions, the establishment of an independent Home Furnishing accessories department, began to try the whole chain operation mode selection from the link to open sales.

continuous optimization

in the "focus" and "optimization", where the customer according to the different characteristics of products has been adjusted to the product line, part of the product line is merged or split, hoping to focus more on product business.

Before the

such as VANCL prominent categories such as shirts, sweaters, all from the original department set aside, and set up independent knitted shirts, were set up for. On the other hand, we also set up the brand communication center, including brand center, public relations, corporate culture and new media promotion department.

in some overlap of the business, the customer still continues to do subtraction, such as the original boot part and the first division line belongs to the same category of shoes, in order to enhance the efficiency, the first division of the Ministry of women’s boots in line with shoes.

In addition

, fourth division, second division sweater line and double cashmere knitted garment line and fifth career.

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