Foreign media said Microsoft and Google together to push a net challenge Baidu

Beijing time on October 13th morning news, according to foreign media reports, the Alibaba group and Microsoft in search of cooperation in the field of Amoy network recently on the line, a move that could challenge Baidu and Google in the search market monopoly China.

Alibaba’s Amoy network test version on Saturday quietly on the line, the site will bring the flow of Taobao search.

a search results are displayed in the form of packet network. Taobao pictures and prices appear in the top of the search results, followed by the results of the forum and Microsoft search results will be provided by Web.

Baidu’s monopoly in the Chinese search market has been strengthened after Google stopped operating in mainland China and moved to Hongkong in.

in addition to Alibaba, China Internet Corporation, such as Tencent have also entered the field of search. But the market share of these companies are very small, and the gap between Baidu is also larger.

in the first half of this year, China’s rapid growth in the online search market reached 4 billion 620 million yuan, an increase of 45% over last year.

Amoy network will further make YAHOO China Alibaba group marginalized. YAHOO’s market share in China has fallen below 1%.

Wolf (Wolf Group Asia) Asia Group President and CEO David · Wolf (David Wolf) said, a real time Amoy network influence. I do not think a network will be replaced in the short term Baidu." He said.

Wolf believes that Alibaba and Microsoft’s cooperation in favor of Microsoft, because Microsoft’s market share in China is currently smaller. He also believes that Baidu faces more competition is only a matter of time, and Alibaba is just the first challenge to Baidu, there will be more companies to enter this field in the future.

2007, Baidu launched the "ah" online shopping, direct competition with Taobao. Subsequently, Taobao announced screening Baidu search. (Zhang He)

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