nventory of 17 Ways to make money online

an enterprising person, it is easy to find that the Internet is full of opportunities to make quick money. Although very few, difficult as a major source of income, but the network can help you replenish your wallet. At the same time, how much money you earn depends on your time and energy. Look at these 17 options to find out which one will work for you.

1 blog

if you are a passionate writer and interested in writing. To publish an article but can not find a solution, you can create your own blog. Let every character be the paving brick of your fortune. Creating a blog doesn’t require much technical skill, but it’s important that you have a gift for writing. This will attract visitors to your site. After building a blog, you can earn a profit by appealing to advertisers, or writing reviews for other people’s products.

2 write network novel

if the maintenance of the blog can be difficult for you, but you still want to indulge their passion for writing, you can refer to other blogs or websites to write a novel, the novel network can also be a good choice. The network novel is free, no printing cost and transportation cost. If you have a strong ability to use the language, you can become an editor, webmasters will pay you to read the article and correct the Commission of grammar errors.

3 Taobao guest

find Ali mother alliance, apply for registration of an account. Get your Taobao customer link, and then release it through QQ or micro-blog, when someone else to buy things through this link, you can receive commission.

4 buy / sell domain

domain name is another source of income, only a small amount of investment or time. You can register by domain name and then sell it at a higher price. For example, millet website domain name, is through the purchase of high prices. In the domain name auction sites such as get the most popular domain name. Waiting for the appreciation, to find a better buyer, and then transferred to sell.

5 (free occupation Witkey)

freelancer is a good choice for professionals to find suitable for their industry and to satisfy customers. All free occupation can find their work on Witkey websites, such as domestic pig Witkey network. Freelancers offer work, information, advice, or advice to small businesses, while buyers can find the most appropriate and paid.

6 ad

you can sell ad space on your website or blog, and you can make money when you click on the ads. The profitability of each click on an ad depends on the level of traffic on the site, the integrated click through rate and the cost per click, Google Adsense advertising alliance is the most popular.

7.GPT program

through simple work

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