The future development of the electricity supplier who has the greatest potential of the mall F2C

F2C and B2C, can be described as the current electricity supplier in two different forms. B2C although hot, but the emergence of F2C is to let it stand up to see.

Miss Zhao is a senior online shopping Daren, especially like to buy some B2C sites, and can speak out their own set of truth. For example, B2C virtual shop does not need to rent, it is certainly more cost-effective than the store. While her bestie friend Miss Wang is still not to buy online Master, but out of love. For example, Wang recently started a rice cooker, domestic well-known brands, especially tall. Miss Zhao thought that Miss Wang is in the store to buy, so proudly on the B2C website also bought a touch the same, we want to show off their online shopping, do not want to end the friendship between the two is said to turn over boat.


originally, Miss Wang is in a mall called the mall navigation website to buy the rice cooker, the price is not only lower than the store, even less than Miss Zhao bought on the B2C website. Miss Zhao felt puzzled, she didn’t believe in this website, the brand of electric cooker so that Miss Wang bought a fake. Well, the friendship between the woman had not sand, Miss Zhao’s attitude to Miss Wang was very disgusted, so seriously, with the rice cooker to store the verification, validation results of Miss Wang won, products are can enjoy three bags of genuine line. And the store also explains the mall network is just a navigation site, Miss Wang is actually through the mall public network links, buy in their online store brand products, so the price is lower than the store, but all services can enjoy the store.


Miss Zhao heart is very unhappy, but not reconciled. So secretly on the Internet to find the mall of the network information, it is so, Miss Zhao is to understand a new electricity supplier model: F2C. F2C as its name implies, is the factory directly to the customer. Although the network is just a navigation site, but it is straight to the major brands of online shopping mall, in fact, is the online shop, then, it is equal to the consumer directly from the manufacturers to buy. This process not only saves, like the B2C shop to rent, but also save the dealer link. In F2C mode, manufacturers can even had to direct Rangli dealer profits to consumers. Miss Zhao is she finally understand their friends see light suddenly, why can buy price so high products. But only he did not notice, it is because there is no attention as the mall public network such sites, because brands online shop does not like some well-known B2C platform as big area promotion, many factory stores were buried in the vast network, want to find them is simply look for a needle in the ocean.

and the public network mall is like the sand sieve, after screening and filtering of Internet data, the useful brand mall in the mall all.

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