What is the Shanghai dragon came to understand Shanghai dragon

station optimization to optimize the users, the remaining part is for search engine optimization. The station optimization here mainly refers to:

website keywords, actually is the key strategy, a qualified website, of course not only home a few words, nor keywords tags buried under twenty words, but the site’s large and small corners should be covered with keywords, such as the earth is a site that is the core of the continents keywords basic keywords continents following is the site of the state, and the main national capital is below state of the page, like the "Chinese municipality" and "Special Administrative Region" is a special page are independent, this is a net, each.

Shanghai dragon Optimization, search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a kind of objective to improve website ranking in the search engine in the way of using search engine rules. Is that in order to get more free traffic from search engines, reasonable planning from the website structure, content construction scheme, user interactive communication, page view, make the site more suitable for search engines to retrieveprinciples.

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, a station in Shanghai Dragon – optimization

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1, set the site keywords;

sites and search engines like blind men and women, men and women go blind, be sure to dress up for ornaments, and the dress ornaments, is Shanghai dragon, is also the search engine optimization; men and women dating to the other eye, what would it take? First impression, if you need to think about it, it is bound to look at each other, a period that is to say the. And related to the investigation stage, will look at both sides between men and women in the circle of friends of the impression and reputation, the reputation is relative to the impression of the website, the chain site requires users to search, then the search engine is the matchmaker, is also the media. The user through the search engine to the site, equivalent to men and women dating impression, to allow the user to remember or on your web site, you must have a reason to stay, this is what we call the user experience.

optimizationIn fact, most of Analysis on setting the

any website optimization Shanghai dragon only includes two aspects: the station optimization and stood outside optimization.

? Study on the analysis of the distribution of

how do I understand Shanghai dragon

of Shanghai dragon?Full name: Search Engine

as a Shanghai Longfeng optimization personnel, each with their own understanding of Shanghai dragon, although similar, but there are some differences; Shanghai dragon is actually a modified, and the modified object is the website, what is the purpose of Shanghai dragon? Please is the major search engines, specifically refers to here love Shanghai and Google, because the two major search engines is the mainstream, at least now.

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