Both Robin Li and Ma Huateng believe the mobile nternet is overWhy are we always grass roots inje

as a webmaster, many times we just part-time, can earn is a pocket money, even if there is a full-time webmaster, every month also thousands of pieces, really can over ten million, I believe there are few. Why we can not succeed, we believe that there are many reasons, but really summed up the following points.

2, we don’t have the execution. In fact, for the injection of 1 million of the problem, in the webmaster BBS or have voted, most of the view is 1 million after don’t do webmaster. There is a big premise is that other people’s investment is our website, if you don’t do it, what’s the point of investing?

two: some people say there is no good team.

has been busy with trivial things for a few days. I haven’t written any articles for 4 days, and I’m really not used to it. Talk to a group of webmaster friends this evening and talk about one of the most essential topics: how would our website develop if someone injected $1 million into our website and operated it?. Everyone has discussed this issue, and the guardian has understood why we are always grassroots, because we can not succeed even if others inject 1 million.

has similar views with Robin Li and Ma Huateng. In 2013, Ma Huateng was asked whether the Tencent has got the mobile internet ticket? At that time, almost all Internet Co are anxious on board, lest they should be abandoned in the process of migrating from the PC to the mobile. Although at the time WeChat momentum has been unstoppable, but Ma Huateng still answered cautiously, they only got a ticket for standing room. This is not his polite words, but the mobile Internet era is the rule of traffic King failure, all the order is in the process of re establishment. sh419, 360 in the PC era with huge traffic can be king, but because the mobile terminal no explosive product was lost.

, but there is no definite dividing line. In the words of Wang, the first half and the second half were intertwined. For example, the recent wisdom of big brothers on every occasion

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three: no one agrees with our values.

, but there are still entrepreneurs to Robin Li "mobile Internet end" argument is not fully accepted. Today’s headlines founder Zhang Yiming said, "the point of view of new technology, information processing, communication, mobile Internet is the most active when a small wave may have passed, but with the connection density, information transmission, throughput increases, there will be a qualitative change, should have the opportunity."

beauty group commented CEO Wang on the "first half and second half" theory, to a certain extent, also explains the changes in the mobile internet. He used to love half way of thinking about the boundary, and many problems can be explained by B A. For example, the number of users multiplied by the average length of each user, that is, the total length of time spent, or the number of users multiplied by the value created by each user, is the total value." Probably the early days of the mobile Internet, A and B are rising, even doubling, but later may be one of them stop growing, or even decline. It is widely acknowledged that the number of Internet users in China has grown basically saturated, and it is difficult to snowball.

believes that many webmaster friends think that they can not continue to develop, there is no financial support, funding is indeed a relatively large problem. However, even if others inject us 1 million, we may not succeed, what is the reason,

1, we are not competitive. For millions of webmaster, each industry has nearly 10000 owners, in which financial support is certainly not in the minority, why they are still unknown to the public? Because even if our operation there are many factors to consider, such as the site’s profit, project development, operation direction and so on.

1: without financial support.

for any company, a good operation team is a necessary condition for success, and most of the webmaster like is alone. Many webmaster in fact, the establishment of the website, template production, art, editing, optimization, promotion, and operation have certain understanding, although is a generalist, really proficient in but not a few. And accustomed to individual combat Adsense, in fact, it is more difficult to integrate into the team. Of course there are exceptions, such as the guardian in the stand in a row in the forum often give you an example: absolutely, they form a thousand yuan studio, the first month profit of 60 thousand yuan, is not worth thinking about? Why 6 people can be together each one has his good points. Precisely because they can complement each other, at least they are now worth learning. So, for the webmaster, even now, we should build our own team, and then have greater competitiveness.

three years later, to mention the ticket, Ma Huateng’s attitude is, "we haven’t sat down, the ship has landed, to the new continent."." Black technology represented by artificial intelligence is the real future.


the end of the demographic dividend, dividend flow and ultra high speed growth is the basis of the conclusion of Robin Li, sh419 established Chinese total number of Internet users is less than 10 million, this number rose to 700 million, it is almost impossible to double. Even a mobile Internet outlet, creating a unicorn company is very difficult.

"the mobile Internet is over." Near the end of 2016, Robin Li in Wuzhen Internet Conference dropped such a sentence, so that Internet practitioners into panic and reflection.

source capital partners Cao Yi said, at least in the short term, the BAT pattern will not change, will stand a lot of entrepreneurs is facing problems. Cheng Weiye said, "how to deal with the relationship with the giant is very important, leaving the start-up company independent development window is getting shorter and shorter.".

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