4 short boards that technical entrepreneurs must overcomeEntrepreneurial services industry has sprun

usually thinking of technical personnel will feel as long as the product is forced, users will come to the door, marketing and marketing instruments scoffed. Especially in the early days, when the product is driven by the original word of mouth, and gradually become popular in a small circle, the entrepreneur will even strengthen the idea.

Wei Kaiyuan: because at this stage, you are the most lonely, not in front of the village, after the shop, in front of a vast, in the road of the enterprise is the most lonely, this is the most difficult.

short board two: lack of market-oriented thinking, contempt for public relations and marketing role

in my past contact with technical personnel, lively and outgoing little, most programmers are more stable, practical, discuss technical problems when talking, when talking about popular topics, there is nothing to say. There are some belong to Mensao type, only play familiar gradually can talk about open topic. This is probably related to the programmer’s work environment, their business is relatively single, dealing with the outside world few opportunities, all day in his office is the knock code, motionless but also engage in a closed development what. So, in the course of time also contributed to the majority of programmers introverted personality, and if the enterprise leader is just a technical background, in the face of corporate propaganda needs the boss personally, would be very embarrassing. Happy net founder Chen Binghao is one of them, I was in an Internet entrepreneur conference heard his speech, he was very nervous, so that the whole speech process is incoherent, as a listener, I stumbled over to him with sympathy, even a little bear to look for him, it must is the painful memories.

Many leading business start-up Internet Co

from the media age, the voice of corporate leaders is particularly important. A lot of PR and news propaganda station, business leaders need daqianzhan directly, with a foreign sounding ability of CEO can achieve the effect of publicity is much higher than the marketing department or the public relations department. For example, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi are among the outstanding representatives.

it is worth noting that more and more media are beginning to take part. But Niu Wenwen, entrepreneur of the tournament and entrepreneur of the competition, said, "the media business incubator lacks commercial genes.".


Sun Taoran: because you are not a charity, because you don’t charge would be unsustainable, the virtual entrepreneurship competition is also in charge of participating, or fees, or hold a stake in you, there are a variety of charges, this according to the needs of the users.

is different from the government led incubator, and the folk commercial incubator can choose the project more flexibly and realize the docking between capital and venture enterprises. At present the majority of business incubator with user pay model, is to provide payment services for entrepreneurs, including consulting, training camp, entrepreneurship competition, network shows, for example, in a period of entrepreneur training camp probably have to pay the cost of about 50 thousand, in addition there is investment in people and entrepreneurs to match the success of the commission.

short board 1: introverted, unable to speak for the product

they believe they will talk a good product, so in the eyes of their market and marketing promotion work done are superfluous, especially means of promotion lottery, brush list and so commonly used, there was no integrity without limit, contempt. As everyone knows, the opportunity misses them in the absence of extreme neglect of marketing. Ask, now popular products, which company dare to say with a smile, I never used any barbaric promotion means, everything is driven by the product itself sexy. A lot of successful products, such as WeChat, unfamiliar street, etc.

Niu Wenwen: media mode, short board team these problems still exist, the biggest challenge is that we now are the only media gene, we need to have the service of gene people, whether it is investment and financing services, we need more training or service of the people with us.

for Chinese entrepreneurs, incubators are one of the important carriers to help enterprises to innovate. By the end of 2010, China had 894 incubators and more than 56300 enterprises incubated in the torch program. In addition to these government funds as the basis of incubators, as well as innovation workshops, entrepreneurs and other groups of entrepreneurial projects, entrepreneurial enterprises as the object of service of civil business organizations. Business mentor Lakala Network Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Sun Taoran believes that any incubator should first make money.

according to voice of the economy, data show that last year only 1.6% of Chinese graduates to start their own businesses, an important reason is that entrepreneurs find it difficult to find funds. However, a phenomenon is changing, companies such as start-ups, projects and other services are increasing, and a service industry based on entrepreneurs is on the rise. What is the current business model of entrepreneurial services and what will it bring to entrepreneurs?.

for all kinds of commercial incubators at present, Wei Wei, as entrepreneur

is a technical background, on the one hand is the technical personnel concerned the new technology and the industrial revolution, easier to find business opportunities, on the other hand, technical personnel itself have the ability to develop, can be their own ideas independently, which is unmatched by other types of entrepreneurs. The advantages of skilled entrepreneurs are obvious, as are the short boards. I wish to sum up.

Wei Kaiyuan, chairman of

new cross Music Art Co., Ltd., wrote a song at the beginning of the business, called "persistence". Looking back, he is not assured of emotion, entrepreneurial management team, the implementation of the staff is not ideal, also do not know how to take the next step, they communicate with other entrepreneurs most often asked, "are you most concerned about is how to get through the difficult time".

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