t’s so hard to stand up and make moneyShare 6 people should know the business model

today, my hundred powder TV network has been nearly half a year, the engine received, but IP is not much, did not earn a penny, because the site to make money to many factors, not only to flow, but also a good advertising alliance. Traffic is not to say, for standing and different promotion methods, It differs from man to man.; advertising alliance, is really a headache, big is not easy to do, small bad faith, ordinary advertisement click rate click No, high rate of advertising is not very yellow, is very violent, very influence network >

for the network business and agent business, we choose the project is not their major in school or with their current occupation related industries, like you are a teacher, you can also open a shop selling clothes, both involved is not great, but now that we’ve got some >

! ! In this paper,

this is everybody in the business chain, through the sharing of existing brand market influence, effective in areas of resources, to take direct and entrusted to join, franchise and other forms of franchise, and further expand sales in the local, such as the sporting goods stores, such as restaurant chain, again for example, PayPal delivery platform, these are examples of agents, compared to the network business, support this model will obviously get the original manufacturers, the development will go smoothly, after all, do not need to go home to do the brand, but the business model of capital chain is relatively high, if the money is not very abundant if you choose to join the venture to consider the.

at the beginning of 2008, after the stop for a long time, I have a job to do network, every day contact with the network, colleagues also have a station, slowly from the idea, just sh419 launched sh419 HI, think of station so fire, so to catch sh419 a registered www.baifans, then the meter, meaning sh419 fans, named: 100 powder! Because of the station’s future is uncertain, so the space is free. In the two months after, and found no market, no one talked about sh419 HI, and confused. At this time, found the video website system CC, try to look, very convenient, because I love the TVB series, after much deliberation, I chose to change the theme, for the television station. After a few weeks later, found that the CC system is a pure video station system, and I want to develop into a TV station is not very suitable, and then through the PHP video system all the network, I finally found the one, although it is not perfect, but also suitable for my station, so determined to complete the transformation, with the use of the video system, buy a charge space, will be officially renamed the website: 100 powder television network, with the professional website of TV drama.

career, further development, entrepreneurship,

as "not serious do stand but make a pot of gold" on the net in still is about I do stand experience. After the out, see the message are said to use dishonest means to make money, I do not deny that, so it is not recommended that owners use, and today, cheating is more and more difficult, and it is not a permanent solution, perhaps some people can earn money, play Wangzhuan There are plenty of people who so I also started doing stand, but money is not so easy to

in the "brush money" has become more and more difficult, I began to seriously do a website, brush so long, also contact with a lot of CMS, decided to seriously do station also had to use DEDECMS, then choose the theme, before the "free love" has become the development of the latter the type of website, but the flow is very low, so I chose to make a resource site in consideration, and waiting for a long time found 4 meters a letter COM , the highest flow is about 7 and 800, but sh419 has not received, but could not find a good advertising alliance, because for space and record, slowly, give up. Some Union, are only a few dollars, have not received

relies on Internet start-ups,

Internet development change rapidly, development opportunities resulting also emerge in an endless stream and look at us around, rely on the Internet a few examples of successful entrepreneurs, Zach Burke, Facebook, Zhao Yingguang starry, Chen ou jumei and so on, they are using the Internet fast and efficient way of publicity started business, and effective use of network resources and entrepreneurial approach can probably return to three points, the first is the opening of the shop, the development of its own brand, brand to join or shipping business, the second is the establishment of the electricity supplier shopping, service platform, navigation and marketing, third is the site with the combined entity, the parent site supply and sales channels, pull the line production capacity. These are our young people can set foot in the entrepreneurial model, efficient and practical operation of strong.

affiliate venture

entrepreneurship, as a form of social wealth that coexists with flexibility, creativity and novelty, is very popular with young people. If you go to university after graduation to ask them to do most things, I think most will say that they want to start a business after graduation, with their own hands to build their own dreams, think about this kind of thing will be happy. But the dream is full, the reality is skinny, grasp the development direction of new friends in the early days and often not very good, that she is not so strong, leading to the development of the system crash. In fact, the novice has just started the field of entrepreneurship, technology and mental is not mature, there is no scientific understanding of entrepreneurship. It’s always a mess. It will definitely reduce your chances of success. So today I share with you what I know about the 6 entrepreneurial methods, to share with you, especially in the campus ready to start college students, and I hope to help you.

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