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today, the owner of a Ji’nan auto coat website asks me about the optimization of his website’s SEO rankings. For me, I am very happy to share some of my SEO training experience with these webmaster. If I can help them, it will be my greatest satisfaction. I write this SEO Blog, the purpose of my SEO these years to do some of the experience, to share with you.

webmaster’s SEO question

well, first let’s look at the SEO, the Ji’nan car depot site webmaster. The site last week was suddenly down the right, had a ranking, now ranking was gone, did not change what ah, the line on the website for more than a month, has been right down, never met, the chain of garbage are checked, there is one I have submitted to delete the web content, but it should not be caused by K. The other aspect is the space with IP website quite much, there are more than 100, is that reason in this respect? "


judge whether the new website was dropped Baidu

rights a month

for the website he said online for one month that Baidu was down right, reminds me of many SEO ranking training students common doubts, for this, I am skeptical. Now Baidu in the adjustment of the algorithm, has fully taken into account the interests of the webmaster, unless the site has a very big mistake, otherwise, Baidu will not easily K station. Especially on the line for more than a month of new sites, under normal circumstances, Baidu will not give him the right to drop.

through the webmaster problem analysis, the webmaster is through this site previously ranked, and now there is no SEO ranking, to determine the site was Baidu down right. And in my opinion, for a new station ranking volatility is normal. Easy to appear before the rankings, and then ranked disappeared. Because the new front weight is not enough to support the stable ranking of keywords. So, and not through the ranking of some one or two keywords, to determine whether the site was down right.


in the previous website about the individual keywords in the article, if you want to accurately judge whether a website is down right, you can query the ranking of keywords through the website’s personality. For example, the Ji’nan automobile clothing website, we can check his website TITLE title, found in Baidu’s front position, indicating that the site has not been Baidu drop power. (as above)

ruled out the possibility of Baidu dropping the site, let’s look at the SEO optimization of the site itself, is not in line with the requirements of the SEO rankings training?.

site navigation optimization diagnostics


, first of all, website navigation. In the SEO ranking training course, about corporate website navigation, we’ve talked about the need to add individual pages that contact us, customer messages, and so on. Because the web site >

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