How do locate and develop online games community

written in the beginning of words: Monkey Island Forum has been able to do IP on the millions, tens of millions of PV and not the luck, but to seize the opportunity. This society and network are fair to everyone, and when opportunity comes, you must seize it with a little bit of luck, and you will succeed. This article is not propaganda is not the monkey island community, let everyone to collect, did not mean, we do not technical content webmaster! By explaining some, hope that we can from the pattern of the game community forums have a broad understanding, be aware of the opportunity to come again, you will made second "monkey Island community".

, about the online community forum model and positioning. Positioning in the online community, it is necessary to do online online games, perhaps the first question you will ask what to do? Dungeon Fighter Online? Eternal tower? No, no, no, not at all. When you think it should be done in these areas of technical experience community, this game has long been famous, do not believe it? Go to Baidu, see what others are the domain name, weight, traffic. OK, here comes the second question. Someone asks, "write so much, don’t you do anything? Ha ha, yeah, now we need to watch + judge a game’s fiery expectations + practical action.".

two, seize the online community positioning, so that members of the forum to correct the content positioning. It turned out that I had played a online game called QQ Three Kingdoms, very hot ah, people just DEDECMS webmaster do QQ Three Kingdoms web site into a forum, created the initial success. The third question comes, then I want to get a good positioning, how to expand, grasp the control of the entire site operation characteristics must be grasped, is absolutely necessary. The above second points of the QQ, the Three Kingdoms in the years after the decline, because the expansion of capacity is not fully played, or even the wrong way. Membership interaction is a good thing, but you can’t focus on it. A good station owner must discover and ponder what members are thinking, what they need, and what you can give. QQ, the fiery degree of the three countries in the rapid decline, you have second sections still rising, to protect the stability of the entire forum, these are worthy of our thinking and exploration.

three, mature community operation mode + programming ability. Mature community operations must have a focus, plus a few auxiliary points, an online game can not be hot for life, of course, a forum can not rely on a game operation for a lifetime. The team with the moderators as the core is absolutely wrong, and the core is you and the members. When you can actively mobilize members of the mood, your website will advance by leaps and bounds. As for programming ability, if there is no money to spend, what is expected to be hot in the game to take the lead in making the plug-in (must be free, non-toxic, have a conscience. ) to plug the launch as a breakthrough, to attract more members to join, and so on.

four, summary. Perhaps here to talk about the more one-sided, but in the article to outline the list out, to avoid detours. In fact, the game community will be stable after running, and there will be a lot of repeat customers, so everyone just press >

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