Talking about ResellerClub’s free lecture with ulterior motives

knows some of ResellerClub’s friends, and RC offers free Chinese Web lectures for agents. It is reported that RC will e-mail invite some agents to participate in, participants through the corresponding URL registration, will receive a separate link, click on the link before the start of the meeting to participate in an online lecture. The lecture only requires online registration without any charge. From RC’s "ulterior motives", local businesses can learn and understand some of the ideas and techniques for expanding the market.

open up the market, innovation is the key

China settled in foreign host market, provide a lot of free service, innovation can be summed up RC this free service is the most appropriate, this move can be said to be RC innovation and create new styles, overseas business in Chinese host market momentum is powerful, rigorous competition environment, not only is the business of product, price and service test. It is the business innovation ability test. After all, the local agent agent system of new RC, provide free seminars for agents, agents to solve many problems, can be said to explore the local market to create a blind spot, the needs of the market, this is the key to seize market opportunities. Although it is a special service for domain name agents, RC has made innovations in this important market segment.

wins the hearts of the people,

RC released Chinese station, China to enter the market, as the largest business domain Asia’s advantage is the waterside pavilion and other overseas business can not match the domain name. Because of this, RC more opportune for wildly beating gongs and drums. RC’s intentions, we can see that user service is one of the core businesses to compete for the market. Through free seminars, the RC surface is to solve the problem of agent operations, deep level, is a cultural identity and attribution issues. This is precisely the meaning of localization, the process of integrating the culture of an enterprise into the target market. Through the service, strengthen ties and agents, the user will close, allows users to truly recognize and accept their products has always been the relentless pursuit of business, the lecture is not profitable, but the benefits of long-term lectures.

in recent years, many domestic brands in the domestic and international reputation is more and more strong, but the independent brand innovation and expand overseas market is still not enough, whether it is the local host or any other industry, develop the market strength is insufficient. From the RC expansion, we understand that the "in" open up the market, timely capture the blind spot of the market, users need to explore potential is the key. Secondly, customer service has been the local domain hosting operators or most local businesses marketing strategy of the weak link, local businessmen can be understood from RC in the innovation of some master market strategy, improve the quality of our services, improve our service system.

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