WordPress wants to say love you is not easy

I can say is a rookie webmaster, just set up a site navigation station (http://s.vv86.com), all built began to promote, but feel helpless, think of the search engine is generally love original content, so the thought of setting up a blog on the navigation station, to attract traffic, also set up a blog system can also be followed by a hot issue. In view of this, the role of the blog is to attract traffic, so I choose the blog program is really painstaking, this article does not say how to optimize, nor speak of my site navigation station. Tell me about my sad experiences when I choose blog program.

so I immediately begin looking for a good blog online program, in turn for a long time, finally decided in the Bo-Blog and WordPress of the two relatively high degree of attention to the blog program, I installed Bo-Blog, I found the background interface does not love, but also did not find a suitable topic, then turned to the famous WordPress, see install document and backend interface screenshots, but there is no misnomer, of great ingenuity, simple and elegant interface design background, background light grey main tone and flat, suddenly let me a little heart, the installation is very fast, 3 minutes to fix, and then on the Internet and Worpress Forum over the end the air, finally a suitable theme found (iNove), I found that when looking for a theme, most theme is abroad, we use Chinese have finished, good Depressed, and some language files or what Mo documents, rather than directly written on the web, and want to finish their own are difficult. Not that I can not understand the E text, but taking into account the user experience, in English, the interface is ultimately bad. In any case, I found the Chinese iNove theme installation. It’s the basic work done here (I thought at the time). Then published several articles, I installed WordPress is new year’s day 30 at around 6 o’clock, 2 hours after the spring festival began, when my mobile phone rang constantly, is blessing SMS, I just want to in the blog post a few article SMS blessing to try hand, looking for a long time and finally into the background find a place to write articles, the small box that is called a hard, approximate height is 200 pixels or so, hundreds of words, all the sliding the mouse wheel rolling laps, it is difficult to see the overall layout, I want people to have gas since so famous attractions, this tiny problem to endure, when written articles published, to fill a few tags, for most of the day finally in an inconspicuous place on the right find fill in the tags place, and tags released it, the article published by Button? Depressed, and looking for a long time, the first article hastily copied several articles on the post messages, go home look, ignorant!!!, sidebar directly run to the bottom, how do ah, but do not want to go directly to adjust the general page look at the whole, but this is the template > ah, want to

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